Bigg Boss 16 Episode 16 Update & Highlights, Oct 16: It’s “Priyanka Vs Nimrit”

Here’s all that happened in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16, check out-

Bigg Boss 16 Episode 16 Update: Television reality show Bigg Boss 16 is currently in its third week. Actress and contestant Sreejita De was evicted during the recent weekend ka vaar. While on Sunday several arguments and fights were seen happening between the housemates, and the most interesting remains Nimrit and Priyanka’s fight during Shekhar Suman’s visit to the house. Here’s all that happened in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16, check out-

Bigg Boss 16 Episode 16 Update

Sumbul Confronts Shalin

In the latest episode, Sumbul was seen confronting Shalin about all that happened during the weekend ka vaar episode and all that has been said behind her back about her. She tells Shalin that things have changed for the worse and that she plans to know what exactly went wrong. After having a conversation with Gautam, Sumbul confronts Shalin about a few statements that he made about her. Later Shalin discusses it with Tina and asks her about why Gautam had to tell everything to Sumbul. While Nimrit on the other hand, also confronts Shalin that he shouldn’t have blamed others for his own issues.

Manya And Archana’s Arguement

Archana discusses Sreejita De’s eviction with other housemates. She says that Manya doesn’t contribute anything to the show and that she should have been evicted. Following the same, the conversation grows into a fight, and Manya asks Archana to stop commenting about what the audience thinks about her contribution.

Shekhar Suman Gives Reality Check

During his appearance in the house, Shekhar Suman calls Manya the “least participatory” contestant in the house. He further moves on to Sumbul, later Sumbul tells Shekhar that she is currently confused with things happening around her and that she hopes to move on from it or sort them out.

Nimrit Vs Priyanka

Shekhar Suman later invites Nimrit Kaur and Shiv Thakare for a face-to-face conversation. He shows them some videos of viewers, where one person asks Nimrit about why she was lost in the last week. Shiv on the other hand also gets questioned about his game and his personality. Later one person from the audience accuses Nimrit of groupism.

To this Priyanka says that there is groupism in the house although she isn’t a part of any group. Priyanka adds that Nimrit only says that she isn’t in a group however she is. Priyanka later engages in an argument with Nimrit after the latter says that she couldn’t talk to Ankit in the last weeks since he is always busy with Priyanka. Priyanka hits back at Nimrit and says that no one has stopped her from talking to Ankit.

MC Stan, Tina Datta & Gori’s Fight With Priyanka

Priyanka asks Gautam to tell Tina to make chappatis for the housemates as it is a part of her duty. Tina says that she can’t make round chappati and Sajid doesn’t like eating those. Priyanka confronts Sajid about same and asks him if he can eat chappati’s made by Tina, Sajid says he has no problem with it.

Later Priyanka complains about the dirty washroom, Gautam calls MC Stan and asks him to clean them properly. MC Stan states that he did clean the toilets well and it is not his mistake if it gets dirty again. Following the same Gori also gets into an argument with Priyanka. Later MC Stana nd Tina talk about Priyanka and states that she shouldn’t become the captain, or otherwise things would get worse.

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