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Bigg Boss 16: Archana Gautam To Exit Show After Fight With Shiv Thakare

Archana Gautam will be ousted from reality show Bigg Boss 16 after she tries to choke her fellow housemate Shiv Thakare, watch video-

Bigg Boss 16 Promo: Ever since the beginning of the 16 season of reality show Bigg Boss many fights and arguments and fights have been seen breaking out in the house. However despite heated arguments and verbal fights none of the contestants in the season have gone physical till now. However that’s about to change as Archana Gautam will reportedly be ousted from the house after she’ll choke Shiv Thakare during their fight. Watch video-

Archana Gautam Chokes Shiv Thakare

Yesterday many reports surfaced the internet that actor-politician Archana Thakare will be getting ousted from Bigg Boss 16. It was said that Archana choked her fellow housemate Shiv Thakare after the two engaged in an argument.

While now the video has also surfaced the internet, in a recently shared promo both Archana and Shiv were seen having a verbal argument in the kitchen while all the other housemates were also present at the time.

Later Archana tells Shiv that she isn’t talking to him, however Shiv denies from stepping back. The two then engages in a physical fight after Archana chokes Shiv Thakare holding him from neck. Following the same many contestants including Shalin Bhanot and others asks Bigg Boss to oust Archana from the show. At the end of the clip Archana was seen breaking down in tears as she stands alone in the confession room.

Following Archana’s eviction reports netizens have now started to ask the makers to bring her back. A user tweeted, “It’s so sad she contributed so much to show. People poke her by making fun of her, gang up and insult her till she fights back, ab ye Mawali ne poke kiya toh nikal diya. I will not watch @BiggBoss Bring back Archana Gautam #ArchanaGuatam.” Another user tweeted, “Without Archana show will become boring, if she’s out then I am going to stop watching bigboss!!”

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