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Bigg Boss 14: Kanika Says Nishant’s Strength Lies In Being Himself

Best known for her powerful role of Guddan in Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega on Zee TV, Bigg Boss 14 contestant Nishant's co star and best friend Kanika says Nishant's strength lies in being himself.

Currently he is being seen as a contestant in Bigg Boss 14 hosted by Salman Khan on Colors TV. Where many friends of his from outside the house are seen supporting and defending him, even his Guddan serial co-star and bestfriend Kanika says Nishant’s strength lies in being himself. While Kanika and Nishant have their own fan base with their fans shipping them together as #Akshan on social media especially Instagram, this is also true that Kanika is rooting for her bestfriend and co star Nishant in current season of TV reality show Bigg Boss 14 that is airing on Colors TV at 10:30 PM on weekdays and 9 PM on weekends.

Not being the one to sugar coat things and never being the one to mince her words, his bestfriend and co star Kanika says Nishant’s strength lies in being himself.

Hooked to this current season of Bigg Boss 14, Kanika says that Nishant’s strength lies in being himself.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega (Zee TV), fame TV actor Nishant Singh Malkani is surely winning the hearts of the audiences, his fans and friends as well with his honest and really powerful persona as an individual which is making his ever growing fan base grow more with each day where girls are going aww and ga ga over his impeccable dressing sense and vibrant style statement while he is in the Bigg Boss house.

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Actress Kanika Mann, who is best known for role of Guddan in Zee TV’s Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, is literally glued to the TV screens these days as she is cheering and rooting big time for her bestfriend and co star Nishant Singh Malkani who is also a contestant in Bigg Boss 14 this year.

When asked about who is the ideal winner she would love to see win the Bigg Boss 14 trophy this year she said that Nishant will be the ideal winner of the show and is a perfect contestant as well.

Explaining the same during a recent interview she said, “When Nishant was going, he was skeptical. People have all sorts of fears when they are going for Bigg Boss. I have known him for 2 years now and we used to spend 12 hours together. No one can fake themselves for such a long time. I know his nature very well. I think he is a perfect player for Bigg Boss. He behaves like he is. I think that is his strong points. He will speak his mind but this is also his weak point because he doesn’t have any strategy.
He takes time to open up.  People might think that he is being fake and the real him is yet to be revealed but that is not how it is with him. I am expecting that he plays well and wins the game because no one deserves it more”.

Kanika has become a huge fan of Nishant’s amazing game play in Bigg Boss 14. and Nishant has found himself an ardent admirer as well in her.

When asked about her reason this time around for watching Bigg Boss 14, Kanika quipped, “This season I am watching like a fan because of Nishant”.

Furthermore she also added, “Otherwise I didn’t follow it religiously but I always knew the highlights. I really watched last year’s BB13 last year a little more than previous seasons”.

When asked about who she wants to see in the Bigg Boss house as a contestant, she said, “The celeb I want to see in Bigg Boss house is Nia Sharma. I don’t know her personally, but I really like the bold and confidence avatar of hers which we see on social media. I feel that is her real side. I really like her dressing style and everything.”

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