Bigg Boss 14 : Arun Says Salman Is Superhero For Bigg Boss Contestants

Best known for his role of Lakshman in the hit mythological show Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman on Sony TV, TV actor Arun Mandola says Salman is superhero for Bigg Boss contestants.

Best known for his role of Lakshman in the hit mythological TV serial Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman (Sony TV, 2015 – 2017), the exemplary TV actor is a huge and ardent fan of the TV reality show Bigg Boss and last season he watched it entirely, This time around he couldn’t watch Bigg Boss 14 that airs on Colors TV with Salman Khan as the host religiously, but even after watching the highlights he is now enjoying the show much more than the initial two weeks where it felt too verbose and boring to him as everyone was acting not themselves. During a recent interview, the ace actor Arun says Salman is superhero for Bigg Boss contestants.

While in a recent interview when he was asked about his take and thoughts on Salman Khan as a host of Bigg Boss and his favorite contestant in Bigg Boss 14, Arun says that Salman is superhero for Bigg Boss contestants.

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In the same interview, lauding and praising the iconic bollywood superstar Salman Khan for being the best host of the TV reality show, Arun quipped, “There can never be a better host of ‘Bigg Boss’ than Salman Khan. He is unpredictable and sometimes he is the contestant’s best friend and sometimes their enemy. But I feel he is their superhero.”

Loving the season 14’s fresh tagline “Ab Scene Paltega”, the actor said, “The ex-contestants made the show quite interesting. But the show in itself is so engaging for the common man because of the celebrities they get on-board”.

Arun also spoke in length about how he felt that this time around the contestants took a lot of time in opening up to each other as housemates and also took a lot of time in revealing the different shades of their real persona to audiences, fans and friends outside the house which was something very different when compared to the last season.

Explaining the same point he told, “The first few two weeks were quite boring. I don’t know why they all didn’t want to show their real personality. It looked forced and felt as though they are playing some role”.

When asked about his favorite contestant who he didn’t expect to emerge out as a strongest player and contender in Bigg Boss 14, he said, “Even though she was there for a week, I loved Kavita Kaushik and her game.” Furthermore he also added, “Jasmin Bhasin is the chupa-rustam in ‘Bigg Boss 14″.

Lastly, on a parting note, Arun also said that if given a chance he would love seeing Kapil Sharma in the show. Elucidating on the same point, he said, “I would love to see Kapil Sharma in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house because I am sure he will change the show, it will be more entertaining and more fun”.

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