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Bigg Boss 13:Everything you need to know about 1st runner up Asim Riaz

The journey of Asim was phenomenal, beating Shehnaz Gill paras and Chhabra the guy who went till finale is Asim Riaz the 1st runner up of Bigg Boss edition 13. Here we revisit in his earlier life and everything you need to know about this Kashmiri charm.

Asim Riaz is a professional model who was a lesser-known face in the industry before his appearance in the controversial Indian reality shows Bigg Boss. He was born in the most wonderful place in our country Jammu and Kashmir on 13th July 1993. He took education from Delhi Public School in Jammu and has a marketing graduate degree.

Asim Riaz was introduced to the field of modeling and acting from his early days and decided to pursue his career as a model. He starred first in some big-name advertisements, before finally grabbing a small yet memorable role in the Varun Dhawan Main Tero Hero movie.

In many influential TV commercials like the Numero Uno, Blackberry Blue, Royal Enfield, and many more, Asim Riaz has starred. He loves riding bikes and has various bikes in his hometown. He is an enthusiastic lover of wildlife.

Asim doesn’t have inhibitions on record, from deodorant ads to underwear. He is a fit beast, spending most of his time in the gym when not under the lights of the arcs.

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Asim Riaz joined as a low profile small screen star. Today, he has become one of the strongest contenders to beat the likes of eminent personalities such as Rashmi Desai, Sidharth Shukla, and Paras Chabbra.

He is also one of the show’s charming contestants and is also a gym freak. Nevertheless, in the Bigg Boss house, Asim Riaz might forget performing any tasks but he never fails to work out.

Modeling is the field that depends on your appearance, looks and prominently personality and the struggle to be a model for such big brands is real for asim. A boy from a small town to Bigg boss 13 finalists is more than being a winner of the show.

The journey of Asim was not less than a roller coaster ride as he has been questioned on his living statement; he was mocked for his accent and recently a controversy about his love life out of the house and inside the house. We have to appreciate his courage for always taking a stand for right and from becoming no one to someone whom the whole world knows.

We have seen Asim’s friendship with Sidharth and he has proven that he maintains relationship till the time it is not about his self-respect and that was the biggest reason that their friendship turned sour. The house is so dynamic that it keeps changing relations but the only thing which comes out is who you are as a person and that Asim has learned with his journey in the controversial house of Bigg Boss.

Asim is not the winner of the show but has already won millions of hearts and has a massive fan following now.

The contestants are in the house for more than 5 months, in this case, they have dealt with complicated situations and many have tested their patience, enjoyed and made memories which are unforgettable and priceless for them.

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