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Bigg Boss 13: Zareen Khan reacts on Shefali Bagga body-shaming Rashami Desai

Zareen Khan has slammed Bigg Boss 13 contestant Shefali Bagga for body-shaming Rashami Desai.

Bigg Boss 13 kicked off with a great start and the Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman is the most awaited segment of the show. While the contestants and the overall concept is loved by the audience till date, the controversial show has started to brew controversies.  

After attacking Aarti Singh by commenting on her personal life, news anchor Shefali Bagga has now body-shamed Rashami Desai as well.  

Bollywood actress Zareen Khan took to her Instagram and wrote “Shame! It’s sad that being a woman, and an intelligent one at that, I suppose, considering she’s a journalist, this is what she is towards other women.”

“She not only body-shamed Rashami Desai, but also did not hesitate to bring up Arti Singh’s personal life, in the name of doing a task.” 

Shefali received so much backlash from the netizens through various social media platforms but Salman Khan did not mention anything about it in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode.  

The Weekend Ka Vaar episode turned out to be interesting as Hina Khan came with a surprise for the housemates. They had two options- either they have to chose a product from the supermarket or they will get a chance to listen to a message from their loved one.  The contestants were emotional in this task. There was no elimination this week.

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