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Bigg Boss 13: Shehbaaz imitates Sidharth leaving everyone burst laughing

Shehbaz will be seen in tonight's episode imitating Sidharth Shukla, leave the entire house bursting in a fit of laughter. Read below.

Weekend Ka Vaar will continue today and host Salman Khan will be seen having fun with the contestants. Unlike yesterday, however, where Salman showed us his sour mood, this evening will not be about bashing and schooling the contestants. Well, it will be rather a fun-filled episode with lots of laughter, games, and fun.

The glimpse of Somvaar Ka Vaar looks like a full ride of a roller-coaster. While Shehnaaz Gill is known for her entertainment factor and antics, Shehbaz is adding the extra masala to the episode today. Shehbaz will show us his skill in mimicry. And he’ll just mimic none but Sidharth Shukla.

Shehbaz gets into the character’s skin and performs outstandingly well. He starts walking like Sidharth and leaves everyone laughing. He starts in a funny way with his antics and leaves Salman laughing his heart out. He also shares a funny anecdote where he was reminded by Bigg Boss for not wearing the microphone but forgot to wear so himself.

To the surprise for everyone, Sidharth, who is usually annoyed by these things, is also seen enjoying all of this.

For more Bigg Boss 13 updates and preview keep viewing this space, check out the promo below:

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