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Bigg Boss 13: Mahira Is Immature And Stupid Kid In The House Says Rashami

We see Rashami calling Mahira “immature and a stupid girl” in the latest preview shared by the channel. both of them get into an argument about cooking dinner.

Mahira says that lunch was cooked and that’s going to be enough, so there’s no need to cook anything for dinner. She says Rashami has a nonsense reason to fight. Rashami says Mahira gets into needless arguments.

Mahira prays mockingly seeks forgiveness from Rashami. Rashami says she’s going to cook dinner and if somebody doesn’t want to eat they’ve got a choice. It seems as though the girls haven’t moved on from their previous fight and are carrying the grudges forward.

In the BB 13 house, Mahira and Rashami were not on good terms. They are seen in the house supporting various housemates and on the opposite sides. Before this too they had disagreements in their opinions.

On the last Weekend Ka Vaar episode in front of Salman Khan, they had a raging fight with each other. Mahira has criticized Rashami, Vishal, and Asim only because of Paras, of starting talks about her being at the house. Rashami gets angry at Mahira because she doesn’t take a stand for herself and its Paras instead that talk for her. Mahira and Paras are frequently seen supporting one another, but more often Mahira is backed by Paras.

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