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Bigg Boss 13 contestant Siddharth Shukla accused of inappropriately touching his co-star

Balika Vadhu actress Sheetal Khandal has now accused Siddharth Shukla of inappropriately touching her in the past.

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Siddharth Shukla has found himself in trouble. While his anger issues are already there in the house, his Balika Vadhu co-star has now accused him of inappropriately touching her.

Balika Vadhu’s Sheetal Khandal said “I was laughing recently when I saw him taking a stand for Arti Singh on Bigg Boss 13 as in real life the kind of language he has used with me and comments that he has made for me are nothing compared to what Siddharth Dey has said for Arti.”

“He used to pass vulgar and double meaning jokes on me. He also passed comments which I can’t even share with you. I had complained about him to one of the creative producers of the show after which he created a huge ruckus on the sets. When he arrived the next day on the sets he was yelling at the top of his voice against me. From body-shaming to passing derogatory comments he has done everything and on Bigg Boss 13 he is trying to project himself as one mahaan (great) person” she added.

Sheetal also narrated an incident wherein they were shooting a master shot where he has to touch his feet. Sheetal said that the way he touched her feet was disgusting and the shot did not come well.

The coming episodes of Bigg Boss 13 seem to be interesting.

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