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Big Boss TRP Stoops Down Further; Makers To End Show Before February 2022

As the show registers low TRP with each passing week, the makers have decided to end the show earlier than expected.

If you are a “Bigg Boss” Fan, this news will definitely not bring a smile to your face! Fans all over wait for the popular TV reality show that airs almost around this time of the year. The Superstar Salman Khan hosted show has seen its own ups and downs over the years. It’s the same show that has delivered dynamic content and had once ridden the TRP wave, especially its 13th season, the show was it’s most successful in achieving massive ratings and breaking its previous records.

This season of Bigg Boss, which started off with a strong lineup of contestants, the makers were confident enough and had initially decided to run the show till February 2022. However, owing to the low TRP ratings that keep declining each week, the show will now most likely go off air before February itself. It started off with a TRP ranking of 2 but quite shockingly now even the Weekend the Vaar episodes are not getting anywhere close to this mark.

The creative team decided to put some contestants of the OTT version of the game as wild card contestants to revive the TRP ratings, alas it too went in vain, with audiences giving a cold response. Host Salman Khan too, who has been reportedly being paid a whopping 25 Crores for each weekend episode, failed to show his magic. Bhaijaan otherwise, in many previous seasons had managed to effortlessly charm audiences into watching the show. But the recent ‘weekend the vaar’ episode has only managed to get a 1.1 TRP rating as against its weekday’s ratings of 0.9. This terrible performance of the show has perhaps left the makers in a deep state of trouble.

The makers are trying every trick in the book to save the show from this embarrassment and their recent trick was to stick to the Good Ol drama as Rakhi Sawant and her husband Riteish were made a part of the show. To their disappointment, even this couldn’t do the magic. We don’t blame Rakhi either, we all have seen enough of her antics already! But the makers still choose to stick to their formulaic approach- put former controversial contestants to spice up the dull season.

From expelling contestants like Vidhi Pandya and Donal Bisht with bahumat when the audience had voted for them to Salman bashing contestants for their poor performance, to the TejRan love angle that has ruined the very essence of “Bigg Boss”, the makers perhaps have to pull some new trick or perhaps stick to the old format of the show that had bestowed them with much success. Sure it’s only some seasons that can give us ‘SidNaz’ or a player like Gautam Gulati but one thing for sure, the so-called ‘TejRan’ effect or Shamita-Vishal’s ‘Akka- Anna Show’ stand nowhere close to Dolly Bindra’s iconic ‘Baap pe Nahi Jana’ or Arshi Khan’s ‘ Arshi Apne kapde Phadegi !’

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