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Bharti Recalls Being Touched Inappropriately On Maniesh’s Podcast

In a recent chat with ace host and bollywood actor Maniesh Paul on his podcast show, TV's renowned host and comedian Bharti Singh recalls being touched inappropriately and much more.

India’s best female standup comedian and well renowned TV personality who has always won hearts of fans and audiences by making them heartily laugh out loud in ripples with her rib tickling comedy in several hit comedy shows and also in dance TV reality shows as a host from past many years, is also going to be seen in the new forthcoming season of the celebrity comedy chat show, The Kapil Sharma Show that would soon start airing on Sony TV, Bharti recalls being touched inappropriately on Maniesh’s podcast.

In a recent candid conversation wherein the renowned host Maniesh Paul has become a Youtuber by launching his own podcast show on his Youtube channel titled ‘The Maniesh Paul Podcast’, one of the first celebrity guests was his old and close friend and here, Bharti recalls being touched inappropriately on Maniesh’s podcast.

Host and bollywood actor Maniesh Paul has turned another new leaf in his career by launching his own podcast chat show titled ‘The Maniesh Paul Podcast’ on his Youtube channel and in a way, he also became a Youtuber as well. Here, in his first episode, Bharti recalls being touched inappropriately on Maniesh’s podcast.

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In this podcast chat show Maniesh would be chatting with people from different walks of life and recently he welcomed his old friend Bharti Singh as his first celebrity guest on this show. Owing to the pure and really affectionate bonding between this dynamic comedian duo, Bharti finally opened up on many aspects of her life without any hesitation and also ended up unravelling many secrets of her life on the show.

Starting it off by confessing about an emotional story of friendship between the well-known ace female comedienne and Maniesh followed by a really horrifying tale that she had experienced during the earliest and initial beginning days of her career she spoke about all of it no holds barred. Speaking about the horrific saga in midst of her conversation with Maniesh, Bharti dropped a bombshell by revealing about how indecently did the show’s co-ordinators misbehave with her back then and also mentioned about being inappropriately touched by them and recalling all of it, she said that she didn’t have any real understanding of things back then.

Speaking about it, Bharti shared, “The coordinators (of shows) misbehaved sometimes. They would rub their hands on the back. I would know it’s not a good feeling, but then I would think that he’s like my uncle, he can’t be bad. Maybe I am wrong, and he is right. So, I thought this doesn’t feel right. I had no understanding”.

She continued and responded, “I have the confidence to fight now, for my body, for my honour. I can now say, what is the matter, what are you looking at? Go out, we are changing now. I can speak up now, but I had no courage back then”.

Source: Maniesh Paul Instagram. He posted this short special video clip from the podcast for his fans and followers.

Maniesh Paul Youtube channel podcast Bharti Singh episode official link –

Source: Maniesh Paul official youtube channel. The Bharti Singh episode podcast has been loved by fans and netizens a lot.

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