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Bharati Singh Connects With Dance Deewane Contestant Uday’s Journey

This year Dance Deewane along with showcasing impeccable talents from different corners of India has also presented heart-warming journeys.

The journey of one such contestant, Uday has surely touched hearts. He awed the nation when his dance video went viral. He has spent all these years watching dance shows on his neighbour’s television with a dream of making it big with his dancing talent. His life changed when the team of Dance Deewane tracked him down to his village and helped him come to Mumbai and till now, he has won millions of hearts. Promoting the real talent, the show also arranged a special screening of Uday’s audition at his village, which turned out to be an overwhelming moment for him.

Bharati Singh who will be seen as a special guest on the upcoming mega episode of Dance Deewane got deeply emotional as she resonated with Uday’s journey from working in the farms of Madhya Pradesh to becoming one of the most loved contestants. Witnessing his journey left Bharti also in tears. Hugging her husband, she weeps in pride while telling Dharmesh about how vulnerable she was during the initial phase of being in Mumbai and the difficulties she faced while managing things from scratch and how Uday’s journey reminds her of her own struggles.

Bharti later went onto the stage to take blessings from Uday’s mom, etching a beautiful memory for the show.

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