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The Best friendship Track Of The Season Is ‘Yaara Mere’, Check Out

Produced by Himanshu Banga and Satish Singh, the soulful track features Harpal Saikia, Kiran Dutta, Alishmita Goswami, and Saurav Hazarika.

Feeling nostalgic about the simpler times when all we wanted to do was bunk college or school with friends? The latest track Yaara Mere sung by the immensely talented singer Rishabh Raghuvanshi takes you back to those sweet moments of friendship. Writer and composer duo Khosla Raghu brings together the mellow number through upbeat electronic music that keeps you grooving and takes you down a memory lane. The video serves as a powerful cue to recall the emotional connection and feeling of security that is evoked through friendship, features talented comedian Kiran Dutta, along with Harpal Saikia, Alishmita Goswami, and Saurav Hazarika.

Coming to fame with their track “Kaisi Majboori”, Rishabh Raghuvanshi and Sanchit Khosla is an upcoming duo from New Delhi, ready to mesmerize the audience with their songs. Rishabh is a trained Indian classical singer, singing from the young age of seven. On the other hand, Sanchit has been more inclined towards western and electronic music and trained in the same

Speaking about the track, Rishabh Raghuvanshi said, “Yaara Mere is a relatable track that will make everyone reminisce old friendships from school and college days. While giving my voice to this beautiful track, I could feel the emotions in the lyrics and vibe with the feeling.”

Adding to the same, Khosla Raghu said, “I wrote this track as a tribute to the wonderful bond I share with my friends from school and college. While the lyrics are soulful and mellow, we have pulled it all together to create a peppy track that cuts across age groups and leaves you grooving and recollecting cherished moments. I am excited about the video and hope that the listeners will vibe with this friendship anthem.”

The video showcases four friends living life across different locations, busy with their hustle. As one friend initiates the urge to reconnect, all gather in full force to relive the moments from childhood days.

“Yaara Mere” Music Video

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