BB16: Devoleena Bhattacharjee Slams Sajid Khan For “Abusing” Gautam Vig

Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Vishal Kotian recently slammed Bigg Boss 16 contestant Sajid Khan for abusing Gautam Vig and his mother.

Bigg Boss 16: Recently a huge fight broke out in the Bigg Boss 16 house after actor Gautam Vig sacrificed all the groceries and ration to attain the captaincy for the 5th week. Following the same Gautam faced heavy backlash and the wrath of the contestants. Reacting to which Sajid Khan even abused Gautam for being mean by sacrificing the ration. Meanwhile now reacting to this fight ex-bigg boss contestant Devoleena Bhattacherjee has slammed Sajid for abusing Gautam, here’s what she said-

Devoleena Bhattacharjee Slams Sajid Khan For Abusing Gautam Vig

Bollywood filmmaker Sajid Khan who currently resides in Bigg Boss 16 house was seen getting infuriated during the weekend ka vaar episode after Gautam Vig gave in all the ration of the house. Reacting to which Sajid was seen losing his calm as he abused Gautam and his mother.

Following the same many netizens and viewers of the show were seen criticizing Sajid for getting angry and abusing Gautam. Many even claimed that this is the real face of the filmmaker. Apart from the netizens ex-Bigg boss contestants Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Vishal Kotian also slammed Sajid for his reaction.

Taking to her Twitter Devoleena lashed out at Sajid and wrote, “Well for a sec even i thought it was a selfish decision by #GautamVig.But it is still ok.And he has all the rights to do whatever he feels within his limits.But wondering why abusing #Gautam and his mother by #Sajid is not even questioned. It was filthy & cheap.”

Vishal Kotian on the other hand also slammed Sajid, “#SajidKhan can’t act anymore and is the real monster coming out?? The way he abused #GautamVij is completely disgusting. Disrespecting someone parents is disrespecting ur own. I would hav broken his face.”

Sajid Khan on the other hand recently started a hunger strike following Gautam’s ration sacrifice. After days into the show, Sajid is now finally seen working on his game. The filmmaker was recently seen protesting against Gautam Vig’s captaincy as he went on a hunger strike. Sajid also faced extreme criticism for his #MeToo accusations.

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