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BB13: Shehnaaz is out of control furious and exasperated as purposely poked by Siddharth

We saw Sidharth teasing deliberately in the upcoming episode to make her feel jealous by talking to others. We will see Shehnaaz crying and getting angry, and she slaps him when Sid tries to convince her in today's episode. Fans to support Shehnaaz and say she did the right thing

One of Bigg Boss 13’s loved pairs is Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill. Their natural and real chemistry on social media has won immense love, and fans want the pair to take their relationship to a different level. In reality, in the last episode, we saw Shehnaaz Gill being vocal about her feelings about Siddharth in front of Salman Khan but also revealing her frustration when he ignores her and does not give her time and attention.

She continued to claim that when she gets angry with him, Sidharth never tries to convince her. We saw Sidharth poking deliberately in the upcoming promo and making her insecure by talking to others. We saw Shehnaaz crying and getting angry, and she slaps him when Sid tries to persuade her. Consumers on social media came up to defend her and said she did right by slapping Siddharth.

In the latest promo, as Siddharth tries to convince her, we saw Shehnaaz Gill slapping Sidharth Shukla and that moment turned out to be a Twitter eruption. 

Here are the tweets from the supporters for what she’s done.

So these social media users ‘ responses have raised our enthusiasm for the episode tonight. stay tuned for the most recent updates keep.

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