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BB13 – ‘Mujhe Game Nahi Jeetni, Tujhe Jeetna Hai’ Sana’s obsessive love for Siddharth is making him uncomfortable

Shehnaaz Gill aka Sana on Bigg Boss 13 confides her love for Sidharth Shukla and claims she's here in Bigg Boss to win him and not the game

Salman Khan had cautioned Sidharth Shukla during Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar that Sana may be in love with him. In the Weekend Ka Vaar, he also had schooled Sana for her behavior, which included slapping Sidharth and herself. Now, we’ll see Shehnaaz declare her love for Sidharth Shukla in the upcoming episode, and get all the territorial as well. Bigg Boss Elite Club is first introduced to the housemates, and former BB contestant Hina Khan visits the house to determine the Elite Club’s very first member, among Asim Riaz and Shehnaaz.

Tonight’s promo for the episode starts with Shehnaaz trying to warn Sidharth not to hurt her. Sidharth says he does not intend to hurt her. shehnaaz again in the show slaps Siddharth and asks him what is his problem Then Shehnaaz can be seen hugging Sidharth and she says him she loves him, to whom Sidharth answers with an’ okay.’ Shehnaaz is annoyed by this and expects him to tell her he loves her too. Then she threatens again to hit herself. She is saying she’s here to win him, not the show.

Here we have the promo of the upcoming episode , have a look:

Bigg Boss then declares the Elite Club and announces whoever becomes the club’s first member will be free for a week from nominations. Hina Khan joins the BB house and tells the contestants that either Shehnaaz Gill or Asim Riaz, or none at all, will be the first part of Elite Club. Then she asks both to describe why they’re stronger and better players than the other.

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