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BB13 – Astrologer Prem in the BB 13 house

Prem Jyotish visits the Bigg Boss house in tonight's episode and advises about the future to the housemates. The astrologer speaks about Rashami's future, Madhurima Tuli, Arti Singh, and others.

Today’s episode will be exciting for the fans as astrologer Prem is going to visit the house. he’s going to put some light on the future love lives of the housemates. The astrologer can be seen telling Rashami that she may have trouble with any kind of engagement right now. He tells Madhurima she is reluctant to settle down.

She admits that because of her own faults, her career did not take off. The astrologer tells Sidharth Shukla that his emotions and trust are because of which he gets into trouble as well as giving Shehnaz Gill a piece of strong advice.

The best part of the upcoming episode is the segment where the astrologer advises Arti that she may soon get married, listening to which she could not stop blushing and giggling. The other housemates like Siddharth and Shefali Jariwala at that moment seen to be admiring her and laughing.

You will also see a group discussion takes place in the house on whether Madhurima should be the next captain or not. A clear division between the housemates will be seen team Asim that is Rashami, Vishal, Shefali Bagga has seen supporting Madhurima whereas team Siddharth which is obviously Shehnaz, Mahira, Paras were against supporting Madhurima. Madhurima slams team Siddharth on the reason and the statements said, Vishal to be seen supporting her.

Here are the highlights of tonight’s heated conversation between Madhurima and Siddharth.

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