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Millind Gaba: Sidharth’s Death Literally Shook Me From Inside

After being evicted from renowned bollywood producer Karan Johar's Bigg Boss OTT recently, Millind Gaba in recent interview says that Sidharth's death shook me from inside.

In recent weekend special Sunday Ka Vaar episode hosted by renowned bollywood producer Karan Johar at Bigg Boss OTT airing digitally on renowned OTT streaming platform Voot Select, Karan gave a huge shock to all by announcing souble elimination post which both Akshara Singh and Millind Gaba got evicted from the Bigg Boss house off late and in recent interview, Millind Gaba says Sidharth’s death literally shook me from inside.

In recent interview post his eviction from BB OTT, Millind Gaba says Sidharth’s death literally shook me from inside.

Sharing about his feelings in lieu of the untimely death of late 40 years old TV star, digital star and bollywood actor Sidharth Shukla who succumbed to cardiac arrest in last week on Thursday (2nd September) had breathed his last in arms of ladylove Shehnaaz Gill and more, Millind Gaba says Sidharth’s death literally shook me from inside.

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In his latest interview with a leading digital entertainment portal, revealing about how he was not really able to believe it and also process the news of his untimely tragic death post coming out of the TV reality show and how this really had shook from inside, Millind Gaba said, “When I came out and heard about Sidharth’s death it shook me from inside. I couldn’t process the news. I couldn’t handle it nor was I able to accept it. Whatever has happened, it is very unfair and it shouldn’t have happened. Bahut galat hua hai… and when I heard how he passed away, his head was in Shehnaaz’s lap, I was disheartened. It is very tragic”.

Whilst speaking about Sidharth’s appearance on Bigg Boss OTT, the popular Punjabi singer revealed about how Sidharth always gave him a big brother vibe who also came in with lots of positive aura on the show.

Finally concluding with how Sidharth will always be alive in our hearts, Millind said, “I send all my prayers. May Mata Rani bless his soul with all the happiness and peace. I know he is not with us but he will always stay in our hearts. Like I say that I’ve earned people from my Bigg Boss journey, he has earned many people, loving fans in his lifetime. I am his huge fan. He will always be in my prayers and I will pray for his family also”.

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