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Home Entertainment Television Tejasswi Points Out Vishal’s Filthy Humour, Fans Laud Her

Tejasswi Points Out Vishal’s Filthy Humour, Fans Laud Her

In yesterday's episode of audiences and fans favorite TV reality show Bigg Boss 15, we see how Tejasswi pointed out Vishal's filthy humour for which now fans are supporting her.

Tejasswi Fans Laud Her
Tejasswi Points Out Vishals Filthy Humour, Fans Laud Her
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Looks like the Bigg Boss house is getting out the real personalities of many people now as post the recent episode where Tejasswi points out Vishal’s filthy humour, fans laud her.

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In the recent episode of fans and audiences favorite popularly controversial TV reality show Bigg Boss 15 hosted by global superstar Salman Khan on Colors TV on one side we saw Tejasswi points out Vishal’s filthy humour, fans laud her.

Surely this fifteenth season of Bigg Boss airing on Colors TV is definitely becoming interesting day by day. The controversial and popular TV reality show Bigg Boss 15 hosted by global bollywood superstar Salman Khan has been in the news for multiple reasons ever since the show premiered and recent episode saw the tables turning when Tejasswi points out Vishal’s filthy humour, fans laud her.

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From fights to romance, BB 15 is high on drama and entertainment and talking about fan love for one of the most loved and strongest contenders in the Bigg Boss house right now who has been getting love from day for her strong game play and also being deemed as the entertainment queen of the house by many celebs outside the house via their social media tweets is undoubtedly Tejasswi Prakash.

Bigg Boss season 15 has experienced several path breaking moments since it’s premier. A season full of twists is grabbing eyeballs with every new episode. Actress Tejasswi Prakash has been one contestant who is consistent not only in entertaining the audience but also taking her firm stands.

Off lately, it has been observed that Tejasswi Prakash is maintaining some distance from an old ally Vishal Kotian. In yesterday’s episode the actress revealed about the uncomfortable behaviour of Kotian.

She was seen sharing this with Jay and Karan. Where she pointed at the dirty humour of Vishal at times on girls, which can’t be telecasted. She was also seen saying that often Vishal keeps hugging her in the name of humor and even though he doesn’t intend anything ill, she keeps pushing him away hinting her uncomfort.

Teja is a person who has always full-heartedly cooked and served meals to the inmates. She also, shared the luxury items with other housemates who got an entry in the house yesterday. Whereas a few other contestants didn’t want to share these items.

Tejasswini’s fans have raised their opinion against Vishal and supported Teja’s strong stand of speaking up against this. A few took it to twitter. Take a look here… :

Source: Swetractionxx Twitter.
Source: Swetractionxx Twitter.
Source: KP Talks Twitter.