BB 15: Simba Targeting Umar Says Bhai Ke Dum Par Pahuncha Hai

The friction and fireworks are seen getting increased with each day in the Bigg Boss house now wherein Simba targeting Umar says Bhai ke dum par pahuncha hai.

Nowadays in midst of the increased drama, rivalries, love angles coupled with heated arguments and showdown in between the celeb contestants in the Bigg Boss house, yesterday’s episode saw the housemates enthusiastically perform the sugarcane juice task in order to get a golden chance of entry in the house and midst of this task activity at BB 15, Simba targeting Umar says bhai ke dum pe pahuncha hai.

The drama and controversial quotient of the house is seen getting increased day by day now and in midst of yesterday’s sugarcane juice task activity in BB 15, Simba targeting Umar says bhai ke dum pe pahuncha hai.

The much awaited indian television’s most loved and popular TV reality show Bigg Boss franchise’s Bigg Boss 15 which is being hosted by Salman Khan on Colors TV, has all the masala, fights, love angles, heated arguments, rivalries and so on, that it is known for and in yesterday’s episode of BB 15, Simba targeting Umar says bhai ke dum pe pahuncha hai.

In just past few days since Bigg Boss 15’s inception on Colors TV which is being hosted by global superstar Salman Khan, we’ve already seen multiple fights, the first physical fight of the season and arguments breaking out. Amidst this in yesterday’s exciting episode of BB 15, Simba targeting Umar says bhai ke dum pe pahuncha hai.

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Bigg Boss 15 contestants are seen giving their best as the makers announce tasks. The latest task had the contestants extract sugarcane juice and the team giving their best shall win.

Also winning this task will officially confirm the entry of one of the contestants in the BB House. Currently, only BB OTT contestants Shamita Shetty, Nishant Bhat and Pratik Sehajpal are living in the house.

Teams for this task are Tiger, Deer and Plants. Team Tiger wins the task, which consists of Vishal Kotian, Tejasswi Prakash, Jay Bhanushali and Akasa Singh.

Shamita makes the announcement. Tiger team had poured poison on the competing team’s contestant Simba Nagpal which got followed by Simba being out of the game, Umar Riaz and Simba Nagpal are then seen locking horns with each other even when Ieshaan Sehgaal tried playing the peacemaker and mediator between both of them. Umar during the task was seen stealing sugarcane sticks from Donal Bisht thus, being the reason for the spat.

As the task resumes, Simba tries to distract Umar by passing comments and also taking sly digs at him. He taunted and mocked Umar by saying that he has no identity of his own and is merely here because of his brother Asim Riaz.

Neglecting it earlier, Umar finally says, “Finally, Simba’s baby has opened his mouth” and keeps calling him Simba baby. Simba goes to call Umar ‘Gawaar,’ ‘Fattu Riaz’, he also says, “Bhai ke dum par pahuncha hai, teri koi aukaat nahin hai”.

He also added, “You are jealous of your younger brother and that is why you want to become like him”.

During the task the main highlight is when both Simba and Umar get into a heated argument and a war of words with each other. Simba later had to opt-out of the task. Simba was seen taunting Umar about the difference between him and Asim.

Pointing out directly at it he said, “Dono opposite hai, ek fattu ek dekho kahan pahunch gaya”.

Fellow contestants clearly told and advised Simba to stop targeting Umar, reminding him that he is not in the game.

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