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Salman Slams Jay By Calling His Principles Fake In Weekend Ka Vaar

This time the Weekend Ka Vaar special episode is really going to be exciting enough as Salman Khan would be schooling Jay Bhanushali by calling his principles as fake.

Bigg Boss 15 is all set for its third Weekend Ka Vaar episode and the newly released promo across all social media handles sees contestant Jay Bhanushali coming under the radar of global superstar and Bigg Boss host Salman Khan wherein Salman slams Jay by calling his principles fake in Weekend Ka Vaar.

Finally the time for audiences and fans favorite Weekend Ka Vaar special episode came. In this weekend at BB 15, Salman slams Jay by calling his principles fake in Weekend Ka Vaar.

Nevertheless, the new happening promo of the specisl episode shows clearly how this time around, Salman slams Jay by calling his principles fake in Weekend Ka Vaar.

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Surely this fifteenth season of Bigg Boss airing on Colors TV is definitely becoming interesting day by day. The controversial and popular TV reality show Bigg Boss 15 hosted by global bollywood superstar Salman Khan has been in the news for multiple reasons ever since the show premiered and now turning it up a notch higher with this third awaited special weekend episode of BB 15, we would see how swiftly Salman slams Jay by calling his principles fake in Weekend Ka Vaar.

Salman slams Jay Bhanushali by calling his principles fake. The actor was shown trying to save the full amount of the prize money by not participating as well as not allowing anyone to perform the task. Salman is heard saying, “The prize money was Bigg Boss, why were you so strongly taking a stand to save your image?”.

Giving a strict warning to the rest of contestants Salman clearly stated, “Ye aapko le doobega”.

However, later the makers announced suddenly about how the entire prize money is being reduced to zero, followed by officially also confirming that now all the contestants would play the game for Rs. 25 lakhs.

Also during this week, Karan Kundrra amidst a task happened to choke Pratik Sehajpal, questioning Pratik about this, Salman Khan asked, “Pratik, Karan pinned you down. Had Jay done this to you, what would have been your reaction?” and replying to this Pratik said, “I would have been out of the show right now”.

Karan responding to this mentions whatever Pratik does affects and breaks him down, later Karan also apologized to him.

Salman in the promo also announces a wild card entry, the announcement is made by Shilpa Shetty. It is being speculated about how Shamita and Shilpa Shetty’s rakhi brother, Rajiv Adatia might be seen entering the house as a wildcard entry.

Meanwhile, it is confirmed Maniesh Paul and Hina Khan will be gracing the show as guests wherein the duo will be getting the housemates to perform some tough tasks.

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