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Pratik’s Sister Prerna Raises Concerns On Karan’s Violent Behaviour

Backing her brother Pratik Sehajpal for his amazing game play in BB 15 and also being a real person out there, Pratik's sister Prerna raises concerns on Karan's violent behaviour towards Pratik.

The recent fight during the access all area task inside the Bigg Boss house between Karan Kundrra and Pratik Sehajpal wherein Karan almost crossed a line of decency by physically slamming Pratik down on the hard floor with Pratik trying to defend himself has gotten loads of flak from fans and netizens on social medis with many of them bashing Karan and now even Pratik’s sister Prerna raises concern on Karan’s violent behaviour.

Taking to her official social media handle on microblogging site Twitter and also substantiating her argument with an old video wherein Karan had slapped a roadies contestant, Pratik’s sister Prerna raises concern on Karan’s violent behaviour.

Bigg Boss 15 viewers have witnessed several fights in merely past two weeks. These squabbles have been making their way to the social media, especially the one between Karan Kundrra and Pratik Sehajpal. The two got involved in a physical fight during a task and it can be said clearly that it was Karan who grabbed Pratik and pinned him down to the floor. The recent incident seems to have received a lot of negative reactions from the audience and speaking about same, even Pratik’s sister Prerna raises concern on Karan’s violent behaviour.

Surely this fifteenth season of Bigg Boss airing on Colors TV is definitely becoming interesting day by day. The controversial and popular TV reality show Bigg Boss 15 hosted by global bollywood superstar Salman Khan has been in the news for multiple reasons ever since the show premiered. From fights to romance, BB 15 is high on drama and entertainment and recently the fight between Karan and Pratik got Karan bashed on social media from fans and friends and now, even Pratik’s sister Prerna raises concern on Karan’s violent behaviour.

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One of most strongest contenders in this season, Pratik Sehajpal’s sister Prerna Sehajpal also has reacted to the fight. Taking a firm stand against Karan Kundrra’s aggressive and demeaning violent behaviour, Prerna tried proving her point by dropping an old video of him getting physically aggressive and also violent with a contestant by actually slapping him during a Roadies audition.

She quoted a Twitter user’s tweet and complained of Karan’s repeated aggressive behaviour in the Bigg Boss house especially towards Pratik. For fans who are unaware, Karan has been a judge on the reality show, Roadies.

Pratik’s sister also revealed about how violence against anyone is wrong and not done and that she could not sleep knowing that her brother was hurt.

Prerna’s tweet read, “Setting an example of a Mentor? Physical violence against anyone is wrong, be it any1! Yesterday I really couldn’t sleep thinking if my brother @realsehajpal is hurt! The Chanel will surely take this up I am sure cuz they are very responsible @ColorsTV  @justvoot I blv in u”.

Source: Prerna Sehajpal Twitter.

Even Bigg Boss 7 winner Gauahar Khan came out in support of Pratik and tweeted, “Pehli baar dekha ki itne hinsak behaviour ke baad task continue ho, aur ninda karne ke bajai aapko upgrade milta hai !”.

Bigg Boss 13’s Devoleena Bhattacharjee also commented on the big showdown between Karan and Pratik in BB 15 wherein she wrote, “Seriously yaa..Whats wrong with them god knows. @BiggBoss is waiting phirse koi health issues se evict hojaye yaa hardi pasli toot jaaye. Saw a clip of #kundra & #Pratik is soo bad. Kya hogaya hai #kk ko”.

Source: Devoleena Bhattacharjee Twitter.
Source: Devoleena Bhattacharjee Twitter.

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