Mahhi Slams Shefali For Commenting On Jay’s Language In BB 15

The friction and fireworks are seen getting increased with each day in the Bigg Boss house now wherein outside BB 15 house, Mahhi slams Shefali for commenting on Jay's language in BB 15.

A lot of drama and fireworks have been going on in the Bigg Boss house off late ever since Jay Bhanushali crossed a line of decency by hurling out abuses at fellow contestant Pratik Sehajpal’s mother and now this feud is not going to stop since yet again Jay’s wife Mahhi slams Shefali for commenting on Jay’s language in BB 15.

Supporting her husband on social media, Mahhi slams Shefali for commenting on Jay’s language in BB 15.

Bigg Boss 15 is making buzz every day for multiple reasons. Everyone knows how currently, Jay Bhanushali is one of the most talked-about contestants. The actor-host recently got into a major fight with contestant Pratik Sehajpal. During the fight, Jay also ended up crossing a line of decency by abusing Pratik’s mother as well which didn’t go down well with many and now, amidst this all outside the house, Mahhi slams Shefali for commenting on Jay’s language in BB 15.

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As a result of this, Jay’s wife Mahhi Vij lashed out on Shefali Jariwala for commenting on her husband’s game play in the house, but nevertheless its true that this abusing Pratik’s mother in the game backfired on him heavily as post the episode got aired on television, Jay landed in public scrutiny for his actions.

Jay and Pratik yet again got into a war of words during which the former was seen using some derogatory remarks on the latter. This didn’t go well Pratik and started hitting himself due to the abusive language and out of frustration.

The entire drama seems to have caught former Bigg Boss 12 contestant Shefali Jariwala’s attention. Taking a note of the incident, she expressed her views about the same and commented on Jay’s use of abuse in the show.

In just past few days since Bigg Boss 15’s inception on Colors TV which is being hosted by global superstar Salman Khan, we’ve already seen multiple fights, the first physical fight of the season and arguments breaking out. Amidst this all happening in house, Mahhi slams Shefali for commenting on Jay’s language in BB 15.

Shefali took to Twitter and wrote, “Just started watching #bb15…must say it’s a very interesting lineup of contestants.#PratikSehajpal doing great, but must keep a check on aggression.#JayBhanusali pls watch your mouth”.

Responding to the same, Jay Bhanushali’s wife Mahhi wrote, “Ufff u didn’t mind ur actions in ur season who are u to talk”.

Source: Mahhi Vij Twitter.

Previously, Shefali addressing Jay Bhanushali’s gameplay in the show wrote, “Shame on you #JayBhanushali If you claim to be a bigger celebrity, I expect you to act more responsibly”.

Responding to the same, Mahhi said “Hahahha what u did in ur season sabko pata hai shefali let s not get dr… feel ashamed of urself”.

Source: Mahhi Vij Twitter.

For the uninitiated, Mahhi Vij has been supporting Jay Bhanushali amid all the controversies surrounding the actor. After Jay and Pratik’s nasty fight, netizens had lashed out at Jay. Mahhi had defended him saying that there were other contestants as well who were abusing inside the house and only Jay was being targeted.

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