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Barkha Spills Beans On Her First Meet With Co-star Tanuj Virwani

In her latest interview off late, the digital star and successful Youtuber Barkha Singh spills the beans on her first meeting with Murder Meri Jaan co-star Tanuj Virwani.

If you are a netizen who loves watching digital content and don’t know about well-known Youtuber / digital star and actress Barkha Singh, then you are living under a rock since she is best loved by her fans and audiences for the show Please Find Attached. Her latest digital series Murder Meri Jaan just got released this Friday on Disney + Hotstar and is quirky. In her recent interview, Barkha spills beans on her first meet with co-star Tanuj Virwani.

In this new series she is seen playing the character of con-woman Sonal who is married to the dapper looking super cop Aditya (Tanuj Virwani) and together this totally unusual couple start solving criminal murder cases and its a dramatic sitcom revolving around them in midst of murders and the chaos that ensues. In her recent chat interview with a leading digital entertainment portal, Barkha spills beans on her first meet with co-star Tanuj Virwani.

In this latest conversational chat interview, apart from opening up on her new digital series, Barkha spills beans on her first meet with co-star Tanuj Virwani.

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When asked about the digital series Murder Meri Jaan and how it’s different and unique, Barkha said, “It is a show I am super excited about. It is a story about this super cop, Aditya and a con woman Sonal, who end up getting married due to some situation. The commissioner then hires Sonal as a freelance consultant, so, here is this cop and a con woman getting together solving crimes and trying to figure out their marriage at the same time. It is a lot like a comedy of errors and also situational comedy. There is some intelligent crime solving, interrogation and a lot of masala. It is a complete entertainment package”.

When asked about her character Sonam being a con-woman in the series and is there any similarity between her and Barkha in real life, on this she shared, “For people who don’t know me, I am a very mischievous person. Even my parents keep telling me to grow up, and on that mischief level, Sonal and Barkha are very similar. But while preparing for that character, I liked to believe that I am a person with high morals and integrity, so to get into that mindset of a con woman was the biggest challenge. When you have ulterior motives, even while listening to a normal conversation your reaction won’t be the same. So, it was a great learning experience and very fun”.

When asked about her co-star Tanuj Virwani along with experience of shooting with him and also describing about her first meet with him, Barkha said, “Even though people have seen him as a brooding and serious guy, in real life, he cannot sit still at one place for more than 30 seconds. Even in Murder Meri Jaan, he is a serious, no nonsense cop, but before and after action, he does a full 180-degree flip. As a co-star he is very supportive, a team player and brutally honest”.

Furthermore, she also adds, “Interestingly, Tanuj came on board just two days before we started shooting in Bhopal. So, we didn’t have any workshops and never met before that. When we went to Bhopal, I got food poisoning and Tanuj had just flown in after wrapping up another show and he was extremely hungover. When we first met, we were so dull and low on energy while saying hi. He was hungover, I was sick and it was not at all a good first meeting. I was just thinking who is this person speaking so much and how would I romance him on screen. If you would ask him, even he would say his first impression would have been who is this mareli. But as we began shooting, we had a lot of fun and we pulled a lot of pranks on each other. It was such a hectic schedule so having a fun environment with fun co-stars like him and Sharat Sonu, was amazing”.

Finally when asked about her experience of being able to do things as Sonal which she wouldn’t as Barkha and also speaking about any future upcoming projects in pipeline wherein her fans can see her, Barkha signed off by telling, “That is something we have a privilege of doing as an actor. You cannot give justice to any character until you lend it a part of yourself. We do get to live our fantasies through our characters and through Sonal, I got to hold a gun and learn to shoot. And it was liberating doing some things as Sonal which Barkha wouldn’t do. There are a couple of very interesting projects. But I can’t talk about them now. I was actually supposed to shoot for them right now, but had to cancel due to Covid. Hopefully, we’ll be able to start that soon”.

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