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Badshah And Shilpa Shetty Kundra Remove Their Footwear As A Mark Of Respect On Super Dancer 4

With special guest Badshah, Super Dancer – Chapter 4 celebrates ‘Teen Ka Tadka’ this weekend. The contestants will be seen performing in a ‘trio’ this time. Ex-contestants from past seasons of Super Dancer and India’s Best Dancer will join the guru-shishya Jodis this season.

Tiger Pop, the winner of India’s Best Dancer, was paired with contestant Sanchit and super guru Vartika and their performance left everyone speechless. While everyone was regaining their composure post performance, Badshah walked up to the stage and removed his shoes. When asked what is the significance of this gesture, Badshah explained, “In hip-hop culture, when you have no words to describe how you feel (about the performance), this is the utmost sign of respect. Apne joote utaar kar phenk dena. This is respect.”

He walked away to the judges table saying the shoes will remain on the stage till the time Sanchit, Tiger Pop and Vartika are on stage.

Geeta Kapur, with all the pride in her eyes, called it a phenomenal performance. She welcomed the winner of India’s Best Dancer – Tiger Pop on Super Dancer and went on to add that, “Sanchit, there never be a Super Dancer like you. And Vartika, there will never be a popper… a choreographer like you.”

Overall she called the performance kadak – full of dance, attitude and style.

Following suit, Shilpa Shetty Kundra and Anurag Basu both praised the trio and Shilpa announced that this time around, Badshah will give a ‘seedhi ovation’ to them.

On Anurag dada’s behest, Sanchit and Tiger Pop obliged for a performance and Geeta Kapur added the tadka of Gaurav (Contestant of Super Dancer – Chapter 3) joining them. The entire act, was outstanding and raised the energies on he set a few notches higher! Anurag Basu added, “Agar dancing ka World Cup hota na, to winner hum hi hote!”

While Badshah who was at a loss for words once again said, “Ab to joote bhi nahi hai… ab main kya du? Bohot badi baat bolne wala hu main. Duniya ka best talent SonyTV pe aata hai!”

Shilpa, having learnt an important aspect of the hip-hop culture, removed her footwear as well as a mark of respect for Sanchit, Tiger Pop and Gaurav.

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