MasterChef India 7: Aruna Vijay Reacts To Trolls Being Called Favouritism By Judges

MasterChef India 7: Aruna Vijay finally reacts to trolls for always being called her favourite by judges.

MasterChef India 7 has been crowned the winner of this season, and the fans are jubilant. The top 3 finalists of the show were Nayanjyoti Saikia, Suvarna Bagul, and Santa Sarmah. Some netizens felt that Aruna Vijay would be declared the winner, but she was eliminated. Because the reason for this is that for the last few weeks, the chef has showered Aruna several times. And since then, the judges have been trolled many times, and the show has been called biassed, but at the same time, netizens used to troll Aruna as well. Now she has reacted to this and said that, due to the trolling, her health was affected very badly.

I a conversation with India experience, the home cook described her MasterChef journey as wonderful and added that the show was a dream for her and that it came true. She continued by saying that while she was upset to be kicked off the programme a day before the finale, she respected what she had learned and never imagined she would go this long on the show.

Reacting to trolls as she faced much criticism and many thought she was being favoured on the show. She said, “Behind all the glamour of the show, I am a normal person who’s not used to all this. It really affected me very badly. There were times when I would call my husband and say I wanted to return home. I would cry myself to sleep, which affected my performance. My mind was so preoccupied that I couldn’t do my best. Even though people said I shouldn’t focus on the trolls, I couldn’t understand why people were judging me. They said I was only making South Indian food and had a simple presentation. But the food is so underrepresented that people didn’t even know half of the dishes I cooked. It was really tough, and I took me a lot of time to get over it. In the end, I feel any publicity is good publicity.”

Many people on social media alleged that the judges were unfair to her and even assigned her vegetarian assignments to help her advance in the competition. Speaking about the same, Aruna Vijay added that these cooks are well-known and skilled. She added that they are not permitted to discuss such matters off-camera with judges. 

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