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Arshi Wants Salman’s Help To Find Her Mr.Right In Swayamwar

In a recent interview lauding global superstar Salman for always making her succeed in her career as an actor, Arshi says she want Salman's help to find her Mr.Right in Swayamwar.

Bigg Boss 14 challenger and renowned TV personality Arshi Khan believes that global superstar and host Salman Khan has helped her always grow and succeed to greater heights in her career and so Arshi wants Salman’s help to find her mr.right in Swayamwar.

We all audiences remember Rakhi Sawant’s show titled Rakhi Ka Swayamwar followed by Rahul Mahajan’s own TV show Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega and according to recent news reports, even BB14 fame Arshi Khan is going to have her own Swayamwar which is going to be aired on TV and this show is going to be launched in August 2021 where even she is going to be choosing her own Mr. Right and also as per recent news reports by a leading indian digital wire outlet, Arshi wants Salman’s help to find her mr.right in Swayamwar.

This is true that Arshi wants Salman’s help to find her mr.right in Swayamwar.

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The reason that she wants Bollywood’s most loved global superstar and also the totally handsome eligible bachelor Salman Khan’s help in helping to find her apt and appropriate mr.right in the TV show Swayamwar is because he has always helped her in succeeding and growing more in her career and opening up on same in this latest interview, Arshi Khan said, “I feel Salman sahab should help me find a groom in the show. He is the only person who has helped me grow and succeed. He has given me lessons of a lifetime on Bigg Boss”.

As per the show’s format, she is going to be choosing her own partner on national television and also revealed deets about how many OTT projects had been offered to her but she could not take them up since she is currently really busy in shooting her show Swayamwar and shedding more light on same, she shared, “I have many roles offered to me for the OTT screen. But I’m missing out on them because I’ll be busy shooting for my ‘swayamvar’. But after I’m done, I will return back to acting and will sign more OTT projects”.

In one of her earlier interviews, speaking about how she is really not interested in a love marriage, Arshi said, “I don’t want to do a love marriage (laughs). I feel now a days most of the time relationships are just for fun. Emotions are not even there. People get along to enjoy their time”.

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