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Arhaan Behll: Always Felt That It Would Have Another Season Someday

Still loved by fans as dapper and rugged Krishna Thakur in Pratigya 1 and now also reprising his role Pratigya 2, Arhaan Behll says always felt that it would have another season someday.

The dapper and suave TV star who kick started his TV career with hit and cult Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya season 1 and got recognition and love for his brilliant performance of Krishna Thakur so much that his fans still remember him with his character name, in a recent interview, Arhaan Behll says always felt that it would have another season someday.

Currently busy in shoot for Pratigya 2, in his latest interview, Arhaan Behll says always felt that it would have another season someday.

Arhaan Behll started his television career with Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya in 2009. So, now working on the second season is like a homecoming for the actor and on same, Arhaan Behll says always felt that it would have another season someday.

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Behll reprises his role of Krishna Singh in the latest offering and presently busy shooting for the show that goes on air soon and on this point, he said, “I always had a very strong feeling that this show would have another season someday. We would often talk about this as well. So when I was approached for it this time I saw my thoughts coming true and I got really excited. I was also curious to know what the story would be this time. When I got the narration and found out more about it, my excitement just doubled… From 2009 to now in 2021 many things have changed for good. We have evolved and how”.

Looking back, Behll remembers every bit of making the first season. “Certain moments like the first shot, our schedule in Allahabad, the initial setup of Sajjan House and developing the chemistry between the characters, would always be prominent in my memory”, he shares.

Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 is produced by Rajan Shahi under his Directors Kut Productions banner and Pearl Grey is the writer, showrunner and creative producer. The show will also see Pooja Gor and Anupam Shyam reprise their popular character Pratigya and Sajjan Singh respectively and is airing on Star Bharat.  Season one of the show was a hit but now the industry has changed. These days not all shows run for a long time, it ends if they fail to garner TRPs.

Ask Behll he is prepared to face the music and his opinion regarding the current situation in the industry and the actor explains his point of view and said, “I’m anyway not in the favour of any show stretching a lot. It might sound unconventional, but I always look at it from the creative angle, rather than the obvious business angle. So whichever show I do, I never think about the months or years this is going to continue. The story is all that matters to me”.

Behll and Gor are reuniting for Pratigya 2 (MKAP 2) after eight years. Their fans are quite excited. Gor too had mentioned happy to work with Behll again, and the latter to harbors a similar feeling and elucidating on it, he says, “As an actor, she has definitely evolved. She has worked in different platforms and has done a variety of projects in different platforms. We have seen the kind of good work that she has done. And all these have definitely given her a better understanding. Other than that, Pooja is pretty much the same. I never felt like shooting with her after so long”.

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