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Archana Puran Singh Temporarily QUITS The Kapil Sharma Show For THIS Reason

The Kapil Sharma Show is one of audiences’ favourite comedy shows on Indian television. The show hosted by comedian-actor Kapil Sharma has garnered a lot of fame over the year. Archana Puran Singh who happens to be the judge of the show also has become an important part of the same.

Archana’s laughter is undoubtedly contagious and she lightens up the sets of the show with her presence. However, the Mohabbattein actress will be taking a short break from the show. The 57-year-old actress is temporarily calling it quits because she is currently busy shooting for her upcoming film.

The movie titled The Walk is the reason why Singh has decided to take a short break from her duty as the judge on the comedy show.

The Kuch Kuch Hota Hai actress shared the news on her Instagram handle alongside some behind the scenes. She captioned the video, “Behind the Scenes of a film shoot…Each time I go on a film set I feel both nervous and excited. But more nervous. I feel I won’t be able to act. I wonder “how did I act earlier? Ab toh nahin hoga”. And then the first shot is canned. The director yells ok. And the exhilaration is euphoric. I tell myself : “You can act. Its ok!” I guess it’s like cycling. You can get rusty. But you never forget how. And you definitely don’t forget how it makes you feel. Film called ‘The Walk’ produced by @officialrahulroy Director @neolefilms @rupaliyadav2609.”

Archana’s fans are tad bit sad but are pouring in best wishes for her upcoming project. They all are hoping that she will be back on the show soon.

The actress’s presence will surely be felt on the show but indeed the fans are happy that she is making a comeback on the big screen.

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