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Anupamaa Spoilers: Baa Curse For Anupamaa, Choti Anu Gets Kidnapped

Anupama and Anuj are in trouble as Choti Anu gets kidnapped.

The television sitcom Anupamaa is getting interesting day-by-day because of the storyline. Talking about the current track around Anupama and Anuj being worried about Choti Maya’s tendency towards Maya. They all are keen to meet her. At the event, she didn’t come to meet Choti Anu. However, in the upcoming episode, there is a lot of drama we are going to see. As Baa curses Anu and the little girl gets kidnapped.

In the upcoming episode, we are going to see that, including Anupma and Anuj, everyone gives a performance. In the kite flying competition, Dimpy cuts Baa’s kite while Mohit’s kite gets cut by Vanraj. Maya and Anu’s kite remains. After a struggle, Maya cuts Anupama’s kite, and she gets upset. Even Choti Anu also gets upset. Little Anu sees Maya and calls her in loudly. Anu and Anuj also get happy to see Maya. She gives the kite shocking news. She tells them that she is Choti Anu’s biological mother and she will soon be away from them.

After informing Anupama and Anuj, Maya bids goodbye to Choti-Anu. It also revealed that Vanraj and Baa heard the entire conversation. Later they discuss and Baa also curses Anu that she got in trouble. Further, Anuj and Anupamaa committed that they do not get separated from choti Anu. In the upcoming episode, Choti Anu gets kidnapped while Maya states that this is quite strong for her in the custody case.

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