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Anupamaa: Makers Face Backlash As Viewers Accuse Them Of ‘Ruining’ The Show!

Recently, the show has been facing a backlash as the viewers are complaining that the show is being 'ruined' lately, read to know more!

Since its inception, Anupamaa has continued to win over people’s hearts across India, owing to its popularity. The serial, at present, enjoys the privilege of being the top-ranked serial in India, with the highest TRP rating, all credits to the massive fan base of the show. For the unversed, the show revolves around the life of a homemaker Anupamaa (essayed by Rupali Ganguly) whose struggles and sacrifices for her family are often neglected as she is considered a mere housewife. The plot of the story has received immense love from viewers, making it a super hit.

For the unversed, the show currently features Anupamaa’s wedding festivities with Anuj, as the two celebrate their Mehendi and sangeet celebrations together with family. Fans have even expressed their dejection over the Mehendi design on Anupamaa’s hands, which rather looks very basic.

Others complained how the wedding guests had better Mehendi than the bride herself!

Another user wrote, “From today’s episode I have decided to trust Vanraj more than Anu & Anuj nw. Atleast when he hates someone he’s consistent. MaAn seem to say something but do something else. All that women empowerment dialogues painted over by that awful glitter.STOP RUINING ANUPAMA”

“STOP RUINING ANUPAMA. Just have a look at this gorgeous edit of the crappy sangeet dance we were served. Look at the creativity and effort. Just imagine makers, you have got an entire team of stalwarts & yet the outcome was unbearable. Thank you SK for making the sangeet beautiful” shared another user.

“Humble request to FD today is MaAn day but let’s not get swayed by reel etc, today is not the day. After watching today’s disaster episode till our issues r addressed nothing can motivate us again..sorry we love you STOP RUINING ANUPAM” wrote an user.

Despite the success that the show has witnessed over the past several months, fans have never been so unsatisfied with the show, since its inception. Rupali Ganguly, who essays the main character of the show, has shared how she had sacrificed her family and quality time for the shooting of the show. “When I signed for the show, I knew the protagonist is a mother and this story is about how mothers are under-appreciated and how her husband is also having an affair outside and she is oblivious to the fact and she still takes everything that comes her way with a smile and doesn’t let any negativity affect her,” she said about the show.

“So, the beauty of the role was such that I was dying to portray it and I did not know that the show would be called Anupamaa till the promo came out so that was a ‘sone pe suhaga’ for me. No, I did not feel the pressure as the character is so well edged. The pressure was not from the producers or anybody else but the pressure was from me.” she added.

Talking about her challenges she said, “There is no challenge as far as the character is concerned because the writers and Rajan Sir are so clear with their vision that the directors are phenomenally bang-on with the way they need to guide us or the way they want us to portray the character.”

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“As far as acting is concerned, there is no challenge. The only thing that I take care of is not to look ostentatious with the makeup and everything.So most of the times on the episodes that you see me, you see me without makeup, which is like a big step in Indian television.The biggest thing that I try to do is keep the performance as natural as possible so that it never looks like it is a character.” she concluded.

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