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Anupama Written Update May 5: Anuj And Anupama Get Romantic

Check out Anupama's written update for the 5th May 2022 episode.

Anupama Latest News: The episode begins with Anupama and Anuj talking inside their college. Anupama asks how did he get it opened. Anuj says he got it opened via his setting with guards and peons. She says a lot has changed. He says nothing has changed, he is seeing an innocent girl for 26 years. They walk inside the college holding each other’s hands. Anupama recalls a ragging incident by her senior Vivek. Anuj reveals that he stopped ragging in the college by punishing Vivek as he had fallen in her love at first sight. He says he didn’t take a second to call her but took 26 years to get her. She says she wants to know more about him.

GK Takes Hasmuk To Doctor

GK takes Hasmuk to the doctor. Hasmuk thanks GK for being there. GK decides to keep Hasmuk’s illness secret until the wedding. Vanraj spots Gk and Hasmuk and gets suspicious. Vanraj decides to find what Hasmuk is hiding. He finds diagnostic center papers and stands shocked.

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Anupama Shares Her Feelings With Anuj

Anupama shares with Anuj that post her divorce she was scared of falling in love again. She adds now she is proud of getting Anuj in her life. Anuj asks to keep their love safely in the corner of her heart. Anupama shares that she thinks, what if they would have met 27 years ago? Anuj says everything is pre-decided. Anupama and Anuj plan an amazing sangeet and mehndi function. In the meantime, Vanraj goes to the chemist to find what Hasmuk is hiding. He learns that it was just vitamins. Hasmuk tells Gk that the main medicine report is with him. He asks GK to send the report to him. Vanraj says to Leela that her doubt was true as Hasmuk is hiding something.

Anuj And Anupama Shares A Romantic Moment

Shah’s plans for Anupama, Anuj’s sangeet. Vanraj and Leela gets irked. Vanraj thinks Anupama hasn’t yet reached back, how long is her date going. There Anuj, Anupama shares a romantic dance together on sajde song. Vanraj wait for Anuj and Anupama. Samar, Kinjal, Paritosh, and Pakhi get emotional thinking about Anupama’s wedding. Paritosh accepts his nature and how he hurt his mother’s emotions as he resembles his father’s impulsive nature. Vanraj overhears the talk and stands emotional recalling his past memories from his marriage time. Devika says Anupama is lucky to have Anuj. Samar says Anuj is equally lucky.

Anupama Upcoming Episode:

Samar and Pakhi try to decide what they will call Anuj after the wedding. Vanraj spots the children and thinks that his children belong to him and he can’t lose them.

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