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Anupama Written Update 28 June 2022: A New Challenge For Anupama

Check out Anupama's written update for 28th June 2022.

Anupama Written Update 28 June 2022: Anupama’s latest episode begins with Anupama noticing Pakhi busy over mobile. She recalls Adhik and Pakhi’s friendship and decides to talk with her. Anupama says today’s gen does not differentiate between girl and boy and such friendship exists. Barkha gets angry with Ankush for accepting Hasmuk’s invitation. She adds Shahs are not classy thus she doesn’t want to keep any relationship with them. Ankush says Hasmuk lovingly invited them as they invited them too. Barkha says calling Shah’s was just a formality. Sara side Anupama and argues with Barkha for disrespecting the relationship.

Shah’s Plans For Kinjal’s Baby Shower

Anupama divides duties among all. She says along with Kinjal, rituals will be performed for Paritosh too. Kinjal and Paritosh get elated. Shah dances and gets excited about the baby shower. Leela says none is missing Vanraj and Kavya. Anupama says Vanraj and Kavya should attend the function as they have a right to.

Anupama Gets Worried About Pakhi

Pakhi texts Adhik and says she can’t wait to see him. Anupama spots Pakhi with mobile again. She stands stressed. Kavya asks Vanraj if his presentation is ready. Vanraj talks about the baby shower and says Shah’s everyone might be doing arrangements. He adds that Kinjal might be busy selecting her dress. Vanraj corrects himself and says his presentation is ready. Kavya says to Vanraj that it is good to vent out sometimes. Vanraj shares with Kavya how the father’s pain is overlooked amid the responsibility. Kavya says to Vanraj that the job is important but the baby shower is equally important.

Anupama Gets Anxious About Baby Shower

Leela thinks if anything wrong happens at the baby shower then Anupama will be responsible. Rakhi says Anupama will be responsible if anything wrong will happen at Kinjal’s baby shower. Barkha thinks if anyone will say anything then she will surely give it back to them. Anupama worries about what will happen when Barkha, Rakhi, and Leela will come under one roof.

Anupama Upcoming Episode

Rakhi, Barkha visit Shah’s. Leela asks Barkha to remove her footwear and enter the house. Anupama stands stressed.

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