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Anupama Written Update 22 Apr: Anuj Surprises Anupama, Takes Her To Select Wedding Ring

Check out Anupama written update for 22 April episode. It is the most loved show on Star Plus.

Anupama Latest News: Anupama’s latest episode begins with Pakhi, Toshu, Samar, and Kinjal sitting in a room and discussing Anuj-Anupama’s first wedding ritual which was celebrated at Anuj’s house, while Pakhi, Samar, and Kinjal were seen praising Anuj.

Soon after which Vanraj enters the room and hears their conversation. Kinjal spots Vanraj and calls him. Vanraj enters the room and says that he came to take the mobile charger, he adds telling Toshu that he did well visiting Anuj’s house. Seeing his reaction, Kinjal asks Vanraj if there’s something he wants to say to which he says no and walks out of the room.

Watching his reaction, Samar reacts by saying, he can’t understand Mr. Shah, as before he had issues with his mother so why is he acting all sad now. In response to this Kinjal says that it’s not easy to see his ex-wife getting married to someone else as the couple has spent 26 long years together, therefore it’s difficult for him to get through his emotions.

Meanwhile, Hansmukh decides to give Anupama a manicure, he asks Anupama to put her hand in the soap water tub. She then asks him the reason, to which he tells her that it’s called a manicure. Hansmukh then gives her a nice manicure following steps from a video. While giving her a manicure Hansmukh feels uneasy and starts wiping his sweat from his head, Anupama spots him feeling uneasy, and asks if he’s okay, to which he lies telling her that he ate some spicy food at Anuj’s house. Anupama then scolds him for being careless with his health.

Later, Leela walks in and taunts Anupama saying the wedding ring cannot hide the marks of her past, to which Anupama replies that the pain has left her life, and soon the mark will too. Later Kinjal walks Anupama to Anuj asking him to drop her mother off safely. Later, the couple departs to a location when Anuj blindfolds Anupama and takes her to a jewellery store. Anuj asks Anupama to choose a diamond ring from the collection, seeing his efforts Anupama revisits her past memories of her wedding and breaks down into tears. Meanwhile, her family chooses a ring for Anuj, later Samar puts the ring into the mandir and asks Kanhaji to protect and bless it.

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Anupama Upcoming Episode Update

Anupama selects a diamond ring for herself and shows it to her family members when Kavya taunts her for being overjoyed with getting a diamond wedding ring. In response to this Kinjal says that Anupama is lucky as she has a diamond that no one has, Anuj Kapadia.

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