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Anupama Written Update 20th June 2022: Anupama Joins Dance Academy

Check out Anupama's written update for 20th June 2022.

Anupama Written Update 20th June 2022: Anupama’s latest episode begins with Sara telling Anupama that she is a dancer too and wants to join her academy. Anupama says her academy is expensive and if she can afford it. Anupama says she has to make a cup of tea of daily for her. Barkha says Sara doesn’t know how to make tea. Sara says that she will learn. Anupama says children should know everything. Barkha asks Anupama to join them too for the dinner at their friends’ place. Barkha tells Anupama that it is good she runs a dance academy but now she’s a part of the Kapadia family and should do some classy work.

Hasmuk Talks With Vanraj

Hasmuk brings tea for Vanraj. He asks if he is tense because of his job. Vanraj shares with Hasmuk that he is tired of finding jobs. Samar informs Hasmuk that he is going to the academy. Anupama asks Barkha if she meant by her words that her work is not worthy. Barkha says being Anuj’s wife and running a dance academy doesn’t suit her. Anupama gives a befitting reply to Barkha, she defends herself. She tells to Barkha that to make her identity, she had fought a tough fight.

Samar And Vanraj Get Shocked

Samar looks for his sipper, and Vanraj finds Samar’s sipper. Samar asks Vanraj why he was searching for his sipper. Vanraj says to Samar that he isn’t here to just give him a sipper. He adds Anupama is Anuj’s wife and he doesn’t think she will come to the academy. Vanraj says to Samar if he can help in running the academy. Samar and Vanraj get shocked after seeing Anupama at the academy. Adhik asks Barkha to start working too. Barkha asks Adhik to take over the business if Ankush fails this time. GK overhears Barkha and Adhik’s talk and worries for Anupama and Anuj.

Sara Invites Shah To Her Place

Anupama asks Vanraj about his visit. Samar tells Anupama that, Vanraj is here to give him a sipper. Anupama asks Samar to enroll Sara too. She asks Samar to start the work. Later, Anupama visits Shah along with Sara. Sara invites Shah to her place. Paritosh and Vanraj are against the invite. Anupama says to Vanraj that her children can come to her place anytime. Hasmuk asks Samar, Kinjal, Partiosh to go. Ankush says to Anuj that day was long. Ankush says he fears if he fails a second time too. Anuj what does he means? Ankush made an excuse. Barkha and Adhik get shocked to see Anupama’s children at home. Sara reveals she invited them. Anupama asks Adhik and Barkha to join them. She further gets tensed seeing Pakhi and Adhik’s eye-lock moment.

Anupama Upcoming Episode

Anupama dances. In Paritosh’s presence, Kinjal falls flat on her stomach and starts bleeding badly. Everyone gets shocked seeing this. Paritosh stands frozen seeing her in pain while Vanraj comes and carries Kinjal. Vanraj rushes Kinjal to the hospital and there he meets Rakhi Dave.

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