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Anupama Written Update 1 August 2022: Anupama To Leave Shah Family

Check out Anupama's written update for August 1, 2022.

Anupama Written Update 1 August 2022: Anupama’s latest episode begins with Vanraja asking Anuj to take Anupama and leave. However, Anuj decides to school the Shah family. Anuj takes the matter into his hand and schools the Shah family including Paritosh, Leela, and Pakhi.

Anuj Schools Pakhi, Paritosh And Leela

Anuj calls Shah classless he starts with Leela he asks her why she called Anupama her daughter as she never treated her like one. He reminds Leela of the time when Anupama helped Leela in bringing Hasmuk back home when Vanraj denied to support her and call her his mother. He then schools Paritosh and says that he wanted to abort his kid he then asks Rakhi if he once stayed at her Penthouse. He further insults Paritosh and calls him spineless. Anuj then talks with Pakhi and says that he wanted to tell her to grow up but after seeing his dad he understood that it’s a waste of time since everyone in the house is immature.

Anuj-Vanraj Gets Physical

Listening to Anuj insulting everyone, Vanraj loses his cool and grabs Anuj’s collar. Seeing the two fight Anupama screams and everything comes to halt. Pakhi gets furious and asks Anupama to leave otherwise she will leave the house. Responding to this Leela clasps Anupama and asks her to leave once and forever.

Anupama finally decides to leave Kinjal says that’s, not her fault but why does she have to pay for Pakhi’s actions? She requests Anupama to not cut ties with her. Kavya also asks her not to leave. Kavya taunts Pakhi and Paritosh. Anuj asks Anupama to leave with her. Anupama says that she needs to talk with the women of the house.

Anupama Talks With All Ladies Of Shah Family

Anupama shares a talk with the ladies. She tells Pakhi that she will never come back to Shah’s house. She says that she forgives her as she is her daughter and a mother who remembers everything, she says she will always treasure the pain that Pakhi gave to her and will not forget it. She says that she will ask Krishna Ji to forgive her. Anupama then talks with Leela and apologizes to Leela for Anuj’s behavior. She then asks Rakhi to take care of Kinjal. Anupama hugs Kavya and Kinjal.

Anupama Upcoming Episode

Anuj tells Hasmuk that whenever everybody insulted Anupama he was never there and so he is taking Anupama with her forever. Hasmuk asks Anuj if Anupama will not come to meet him too. Anupama says she is leaving the house but who knows God will bring her back again.

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