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Anupama: Namaste America Written Episode 25 April: Anupama Excited For The Party

Check out Anupama Namaste America's written update for the 25 April episode.

Rupali Ganguly and Sudhanshu Pandey starrer Star Plus’ serial Anupama is one of the highest-rated daily soaps on Indian television. The series is all set to present the same magic on the OTT platform. The makers came up with a special prequel titled Anupama Namaste AmericaIt seems that the fans are loving the new character of Leela’s mother-in-law,’ Baa’.

Anupama Namaste America Written Episode 25 April

The prequel’s first episode begins with Anupama catching the newspaper. She sees the pamphlet relating to America. The pamphlet reads if you want to go to America then gear up. Hasmuk interrupts Anupama and takes the newspaper. Anupama asks Hasmuk to read what has been stored in Vanraj’s destiny. Hasmuk asks Anupama to think about herself too. Anupama explains her life is connected with Vanraj if he is happy she is happy if he isn’t she too has to be sad.

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Hasmuk tells Anupama that her dreams will take a flight. Leela comes and asks Anupama to go to the kitchen and work. Leela’s mother-in-law asks Leela to work too sometimes. Leela asks Anupama to touch her feet. Leela’s mother-in-law asks Leela to touch her feet too. She praises Anupama and taunts Leela for getting a good daughter-in-law.

Later, Leela’s mother-in-law decides to watch a dance show finale with Anupama. She grooves with Anupama. Leela asks Anupama to grow as a dancer in the future. Leela opposes her mother-in-law. Leela’s mother-in-law explains talent is a jewel and one should flaunt it. She blesses Anupama. Leela thinks her mother-in-law and Anupama is controlling the house. She wishes her time changes soon.

Vanraj gets a call and learns that his boss might send him for the America project. He is asked to bring Anupama to Boss get together party. Vanraj thinks Anupama good is at home but she is not worthy to take out. Anupama gets excited to go to America and perform. Vanraj sees the pamphlet of America. He informs Anupama that his boss might send him to the US. Anupama gets excited. Vanraj clicks family pictures with Anupama and his kids. He tells Anupama about the party. Anupama asks Vanraj won’t he will take her along. Vanraj says she is always stuck in household work.

Dolly asks Anupama if she asked Vanraj about the part. Anupama makes an excuse. Leela’s mother-in-law counts how a housewife is always on duty. Later, Vanraj gets stunned seeing Anupama is ready to go to a party. Vanraj makes an excuse and convinces Anupama not to come along. 

Anupama Namaste America Upcoming Episode:

Anupama dances at Vanraj’s boss party. A lady out there decides to take Anupama to America to promote the Indian dance culture through a housewife. Vanraj gets jealous.

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