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Anupama: Namaste America Telly Updates 29 April: Ritika Visits Vanraj’s House

Check out Anupama: Namaste America's telly update for the 29th April episode.

Anupama Namaste America Telly Updates 29 April:

The prequel’s episode begins with Vanraj recalling his memories with Ritika at the cafe. He stops in the middle of the road to clear his dilemma while Anupama waits for Vanraj. Vanraj reaches home and Anupama gets impatient to know about the results. Vanraj gets furious at Anupama for applying his perfume. Moti-Baa comes and backs Anupama by asking Vanraj to respect his wife. Moti-Baa asks him to apologize to Anupama.


Later, Baa asks Vanraj about the results of Anupama’s audition, Vanraj replies saying the results are yet to be announced and suggests that it would be better if everyone don’t get their hopes high. Vanraj gets a call from his boss asking him about the tape. His boss informs him that the CD of the party had been sent as Anupama’s audition.
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Ritika visits Shah’s House

Ritika reaches Vanraj’s house. She asks Anupama if this is where Vanraj resides. Ritika tells Anupama she is Vanraj’s college friend. Anupama welcomes her and lets her know she is the friend of Vanraj she is meeting. Everyone greets Ritika and welcomes her in. Toshu asks for chocolates from Ritika and humiliates her. Ritika makes everyone learn that Vanraj and she were close friends in college. Vanraj starts appreciating Anupama for her work and commitment to family to make Ritika feel jealous. Leela confronts Vanraj by telling him he shouldn’t even think of getting back with Ritika. Ritika tells Moti-Baa that she bears no children and she is divorced. She makes everyone learn that some relationships do end when you realize it was a mistake. Vanraj gets a call from his boss stating Anupama has been selected for America.

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