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Anjali Arora MMS Scandal: Actress Says “I F*cking Don’t Care”

Kacha Badam Anjali Arora girl gives a strong reply to haters amid the ongoing MMS controversy. Check out the video!

Anjali Arora MMS Controversy: Lock Upp contestant Anjali Arora has been grabbing eyeballs after her name was dragged in an MMS scandal. A video was circulated online which allegedly showed Anjali in an objectionable position. However, the actress clarified that it is not her in the video and someone has morphed the video to defame her. She also revealed that her family has filed an official complaint in this matter.

Reacting to the viral MMS, Anjali Arora has now given a strong reply in the media. She was recently spotted by the paparazzi where she was asked about the MMS. She said, “Jinse barabari nahi ho paati hai na woh badnaami shuru kar dete hai. Logon ko karne do jo karna hai, I f*cking don’t care about anyone.”

Anjali Arora’s fans are supporting her during these testing times. A fan commented, “Its very difficult for a girl to answer these type of questions but she is still smiling. Stay strong Anjali.”

Kacha Badam fame Anjali Arora’s family is suffering because of the MMS scandal. However, the actress is going strong and aspires to continue good work and keep entertaining her fans. She recently revealed how her boyfriend reacted to the ongoing controversy. Anjali, who is dating Akash Sansanwal, said, “Everyone knows that this is all rubbish. But my loved ones trust me. Akash, my parents and my brother have filed complaints already. We can delete one video but these people will create and upload 100 more. See, I am strong on my part, but my family is not ready to handle all this.”

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