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How Anjali Arora’s Boyfriend Reacted To The Leaked MMS, Check Out!

Check out how Anjali Arora's boyfriend Akash Sansanwal reacted to the leaked MMS that has put her in a controversial situation.

Lock Upp fame Anjali Arora is currently going through a rough phase in her life. The actress is facing criticism and hatred after an MMS was circulated online which allegedly showed her in an objectionable position. Anjali came out and clarified that it is a morphed video and she has done nothing wrong to receive such hatred. In an interview with Siddharth Kannan, Anjali said that she is strong enough to handle this situation but she can’t see her parents going through this mess. She also revealed how her parents and her boyfriend reacted to the viral MMS.

21-year-old Anjali Arora is dating Akash Sansanwal. When Anjali was in Lock Upp, she shared a close bond with Munawar Faruqui. The audience almost believed that the two are dating now. However, after the show ended, they introduced their respective partners to the world. While Munawar is dating Nazila, Anjali Arora’s boyfriend is Akash Sansanwal.

After an MMS went viral that showed Kacha Badam girl Anjali Arora in an objectionable position, her fans were shocked. The leaked video compromised her name, fame and goodwill. However, she broke her silence during a candid interview with Kannan and revealed that it is not her in the video. When she was asked about how her boyfriend reacted to the MMS, Anjali said, “Everyone knows that this is all rubbish. But my loved ones trust me.”

She then also revealed that her boyfriend and parents have filed official complaints with the authorities. Anjali said, “Akash, my parents and my brother have filed complaints already. We can delete one video but these people will create and upload 100 more. See, I am strong on my part, but my family is not ready to handle all this.”

During the interview, Anjali was heard saying, “Mujhe nahi pata kya kar rahe hai log, mera naam lagakar, meri photo lagakar ki ye Anjali Arora ka MMS hai. Inki bhi family hai, meri bhi family hai. Meri family bhi saare videos dekhti hai. Sometimes, I feel ye kyu kar rahe hai. Jisme main hu hi nahi, kyun faila raha hai. (I have no idea what people are doing by using my name and photo and saying that this is Anjali Arora’s MMS. They have a family while I have my own. My family members also watch videos. Sometimes, I feel why they are sharing a video when I am not even a part of it.)”

“Kuch log hain joh isko alag way mein leke jaa rahe hain, theek hai badnaam karna chahte ho aap, par iss tarike se?Aise cheeze karne se phele ye nahi sochte kisi ki family ka sochegi, kisi ke family pe kya asar padega? (There are some people, who are giving it a different spin. It’s okay you want to tarnish my image but this is how you do it? Don’t they think what someone’s family will think and how it affect them?),” she added.

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