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Amir Siddiqui’s Brother Faizal Siddiqui Lands Up In Trouble For A Controversial TikTok Video

In the video, Faizal can be seeing promoting acid attacks. Faizal is seen throwing water on a girl, which is hinted to be acid while threatening her for leaving him for another guy. Later, the girl's face is shown in heavy makeup which looks like burns.

Tik Toker Amir Siddiqui was recently in news over his debate on TikTok vs YouTube, the controversy recently re-emerged after Amir posted a video challenging Youtuber Carryminati to roast him. Now Amir’s brother Faizal Siddiqui has landed himself in legal trouble after his video on acid attack was seen by National Commission for Women (NCW) Chairperson Rekha Sharma.

In the video, Faizal can be seeing promoting acid attacks. Faizal is seen throwing water on a girl, which is hinted to be acid while threatening her for leaving him for another guy. In the next scene, the girl’s face is shown in heavy red makeup suggesting burns.

NCW chairperson Tajinder Bagga, who first stumbled upon the viral video, reported the matter to Rekha Sharma in twitter, after seeing the video, she promised to take up the legal action against Faizal, she wrote, “I am taking it up today itself with both police and @TikTok_IN”

TikTok was forced to remove the objectionable video posted by Faizal. Tajinder also shared another video with NCW Chairperson in which Tik Toker Majibur Rehman was seen glorifying rape. Later, in a tweet, Rekha Sharma said that she will be writing to the government of India to ban Tik Tok as it is leading youngsters towards ‘unproductive life’, besides having ‘objectionable videos’, she wrote, “I am of the strong openion that this @TikTok_IN should be banned totally and will be writing to GOI. It not only has these objectionable videos but also pushing youngsters towards unproductive life where they are living only for few followers and even dying when no. Decline.”

NCW has also written to Director General of Police, Maharashtra to take action against an objectionable video that promoted acid attack. “@NCWIndia has written to @DGPMaharashtra Shri. Subodh Kumar Jaiswal to take action against #FaizalSiddiqui for the video he posted that promotes a grievous crime of #acidattack on social media using @TikTok_IN App. @CyberDost @MahaCyber1”

The letter reads, “The commission is seriously concerned about the increase in crimes against women and the video not only seems to promote violence against women but also shows the patriarchal mindset, which would send a very wrong message to the society through this video made by Faizal Siddiqui on Tik-Tok,”

Speaking in his defense, Faizal shared a long post on his Instagram, where he clarified that his video was edited and people were passing judgments on watching the half video. Further, he claims that the matter has been brought to light owing to the rise in YouTube vs TikTok debate and his intentions were not to hurt anybody. He further, wrote, “My intention was never to hurt anyone in any capacity. As a social media influencer, I realize my responsibility and apologize to anyone who was offended by the video”

Actor-filmmaker Pooja Bhatt also slammed Faizal for glorifying acid attack on girls and she wrote that TikTok needs to look into the matter and take the video down, “What on earth is wrong with people? This is depraved. How can you allow this kind of content on your platform @TikTok_IN This man needs to be taken to task. As for the woman in the video-do you realise what immense harm you are causing by participating in this?”

As videos of Siddiqui flooded microblogging site Twitter, #BanTikToklnlndia, #tiktokdown, #tiktokexposed became a top trending hashtag on Tuesday with many Indians leaving a 1-star rating.

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