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Aly’s Emotional Outburst Post Jasmin’s Exit Left Audiences Teary Eyed

In latest episode of Bigg Boss 14 during the weekend family week special, post the shocking and unexpected eviction of stunning and versatile TV star Jasmin Bhasin, Aly's emotional outburst post Jasmin's exit left audiences teary eyed.

After Jasmin’s unexpected eviction yesterday from Bigg Boss 14 that airs on Colors TV, it was a mellow and upsetting moment for hunk TV superstar Aly Goni who came in the show just for his lady love Jasmin. After she got eliminated, it was indeed a tear jerker situation where Aly’s emotional outburst post Jasmin’s exit left audiences teary eyed.

Indeed, the fans of #Jasly and #AlyGoni even on social media cried after watching Aly’s emotional emotional outburst post Jasmin’s exit left audiences teary eyed.

It was a very heart wrenching moment for Aly watching Jasmin getting evicted, which resulted in Aly’s emotional emotional outburst post Jasmin’s exit left audiences teary eyed.

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He came in the show just for her, he became her emotional support in a house full of strangers, and her eviction from “Bigg Boss” left him heartbroken. Such was the relationship that BFFs Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin shared that once her name was announced for elimination Aly just couldn’t control his emotions. Jasmin’s exit was probably the most shocking eviction in the history of the reality show and it left not just the contestants but host and superstar Salman Khan also teary eyed.

Aly was just uncontrollable. Though he was unable to breathe, he kept on saying that he came in the show for her and he will leave with her. Salman had to intervene and he asked Aly to calm down. But how could he? The girl for whom he came on the show was leaving and he was obviously not expecting this.

But like a good friend, Jasmin asked him to get hold of himself, and asked him to get the trophy for her. She also said that he will have to give his best and requested the other contestants that Aly is short-tempered so they should not provoke him or instigate him for any reason. She also asked his good friend Rahul Vaidya to take care of him.

So far Jasmin and Aly both played their individual games but were there to support each other emotionally. With Jasmin’s eviction it will be interesting to see how Aly plays his game. And as Jasmin said that he is her strong boy, we also hope that Aly pulls himself together and lifts up the trophy in the end.

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