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Aly Vows To Make Rakhi’s Stay In Bigg Boss 14 Painful

After the heart breaking eviction of Jasmin from Bigg Boss 14 wherein Aly had an emotional outburst , and post this, during recent task, where the contestants had to decide which celeb's game in show they want to make difficult and why, Aly came up and accusing Rakhi of praying the he and Jasmin get separated, vows to make Rakhi's stay and game in Bigg Boss 14 painful and difficult.

After the emotionally overwhelming episode of Jasmin’s elimination from the show, now in a recent task, Aly vows to make Rakhi’s stay in Bigg Boss 14 painful.

After the most heart breaking and unexpected eviction of Jasmin Bhasin from the TV reality show Bigg Boss 14 on Colors TV hosted by Salman Khan which got all the #Jasly fans on social media, tinsel town celebs, Salman Khan, Aly and housemates crying. In recent episode of the show we’ll see how during a task, Aly vows to make Rakhi’s stay in Bigg Boss 14 painful.

In the recent upcoming episode of show, audiences will see Salman giving all 9 contestants a task of telling out loud with celeb placard cutouts about which celeb will be on a bed of thorns set up by them and why do they think he / she deserves it. It was in this task that he opened up and fans will see how Aly vows to make Rakhi’s stay in Bigg Boss 14 painful.

During this task, Aly comes upfront and straightaway accusing of how Rakhi always prayed that both Aly and Jasmin get separated, and now as a result of this, then Aly vows to make Rakhi’s stay in Bigg Boss 14 painful.

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In the recent family weekend special episode last night itself, during the battle between Aly, Abhinav and Jasmin whilst nominations, surprising elimination of Jasmin was so out of the blue that Aly started crying and got asthmatic panic attack, he got breathless as well, Salman’s eyes were full of tears and other housemates were crying as well on her eviction. It was one of the most emotional moments in history of Bigg Boss till date.

In midst of all of this, Salman had given a task to all housemates of deciding the name of the contestant that they want to make sure further game goes difficult in the show and also justify why.

With this task, Aly says he wants to make Rakhi’s game difficult in the show citing that it had always been Rakhi who fervently prayed that both Aly and Jasmin get separated.

The Colors TV insta account shared the promo of same wherein we can hear how Aly said, “Rakhi, kyuki ye haath utha utha kar dua karti thi ki mein aur Jasmin alag hojaye aur inki dua qubool hui hai”. Post listening to this, Rakhi gets in a state of shock and dilemma. Aly further also clearly stated that she should now wish that he leaves the house first as he is all set and geared up to make her stay in the house painful and difficult, “Toh ab aap ek aur dua maang ki mein pehela chala jau kyuki mein bohot khanate bichane wala hun”.

Further, we also will see how Eijaz Khan, Arshi Khan and Rahul Vaidya end up saying Rubina Dilaik’s name in the said task, wherein Abhinav takes Eijaz’s name by claiming that he has a bad habit of silently influencing people.

Source: Colors TV Instagram. Post Jasmin’s exit, thanks to Salman’s recent task, Aly accused Rakhi of praying that he and Jasmin get separated and now has vowed to make Rakhi’s stay in Bigg Boss 14 painful.
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