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Alt Balaji Slammed For Plagiarising Loev’s Poster For His Story

This is a real news now that Ekta Kapoor's Alt Balaji has been slammed brutally on social media especially twitter by the makers of Loev for unethically copying their poster for His Story.

The poster of noted iconic producer Ekta Kapoor’s next production venture titled His Story was recently dropped and released by the makers and within just a span of next few hours, we see that Alt Balaji slammed for plagiarizing Loev’s poster for His Story.

The basic plot and storyline of His Story which is a webseries is that it is about a married man who finds his real and eternal soulmate in another man and as soon as the poster got unveiled on social media and internet, Alt Balaji slammed for plagiarizing Loev’s poster for His Story.

This is not an uncommon situation as Bollywood has often been slammed by other language film industries for unethically plagiarizing their film content, song ideas and what not but certainly is first time that fans and netizens are seeing that Alt Balaji slammed for plagiarizing Loev’s poster for His Story.

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The makers of the critically acclaimed and award winning film Love called out the makers of His Story publically on social media for blatantly just copying their film’s poster which also sees their film’s leading men sleeping on the bed by cuddling each other.

It didn’t stop here, since the noted art director and film marketing strategist Jahan Bakshi who worked on Loev, immediately ended up taking to his official twitter handle and brutally slammed Alt Balaji for unethically copying their film’s poster. In a series of tweets then for the first, he wrote, “Bro @altbalaji are you okay? I mean if you need someone to design posters I can help you, I promise it doesn’t cost that much”.

Source: Jahan Bakshi twitter. he mocked the giant OTT streaming app Alt Balaji by pointing out exact similarities and deemed it as a plagiarized copy of their film Loev’s poster.

In his next tweet, he said, “This poster for LOEV was designed by @TalkPigeonCo and illustrated by Rohan Pore. We spent months on it. Investing solid time/money on a poster for an indie film is difficult. And yet, a studio which surely has the resources to commission original designs opts to steal it. Sad”.

Source: Jahan Bakshi Twitter. He shared the original poster of their critically acclaimed film Loev and also openly called out Alt Balaji for plagiarising their film Loev’s poster.

Sudhanshu Saria, who directed this critically acclaimed film Love expressing his anger and fury on Alt Balaji, wrote, “WHY IS THIS INDUSTRY LIKE THIS? Woke up to find that our painstakingly illustrated, original poster for @loevfilm  has just been blatantly ripped off by the geniuses at @altbalaji @ZEE5Premium for their show #HisStoryy // Thread”.

Source: Sudhanshu Saria Twitter. he slammed Alt Balaji for unethically copying their critically acclaimed film Loev’s poster for His Story.

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