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Akanksha Juneja: Ayesha Kapoor Was Path Breaking Character For Me

Best known for portraying strong characters as a female negative lead in tinsel town with her career spanning 11 years now, stunning TV actress Akanksha Juneja gets candid with us in her recent exclusive interview where she opens up on path breaking career best performance of hers and much more.

Best known for playing strong negative lead and performance oriented roles, she has been a part of the telly industry from past eleven years now. Right from her college days, she was inclined towards acting where she participated in plays essaying strong negative lead characters like Surpanakha and much more. Today, telly actress Akanksha Juneja is a successful name in tinsel town which needs no further introduction. In a recent interview, Akanksha Juneja says Ayesha Kapoor was path breaking character for me.

Spilling more beans on her entire journey in tinsel town and more, in a recent tete a tete chat conversational interview with us, Akanksha Juneja says Ayesha Kapoor was path breaking character for me.

Opening up on her choice of always doing strong performance oriented roles, in her latest interview with us, TV actress Akanksha Juneja says Ayesha Kapoor was path breaking character for me.

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When asked that in her entire career spanning 11 years now where she is known for strong performances as negative lead, has she always liked doing such roles, Akanksha said, “Yes I only like doing performance oriented roles”.

When quizzed that out of all the characters played till now, which character has been the most challenging one for her, Akanksha answered, “All the characters I played have been challenging in their own ways…I had to polish myself according to the character. Most challenging were of course the mythological shows I did as I had to learn the story and character and its significance to know the character before I started shooting for it”.

Further, opening up on her path breaking career best performance, Akanksha told, “Path breaking was Bade Achche Lagte Hain as Ayesha Kapoor as from that show I learned and started picking negative roles and I think path breaking career best performance is my current show Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 as Kanak Desai as it is most loved and appreciated by fans”.

When asked about how did the role of Kanak Desai in such a big franchise Saathiya sequel Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 on Star Plus happen for her, Akanksha answered, “It came as a surprise and blessing to me post lockdown. Casting director approached me and asked me to record an audition for him and then I was called to the office for a mock shoot next day but they offered me to sign the contract instead. Even I couldn’t believe it happened so suddenly”.

Also explaining about the one thing that made her go ahead for this role in SNS 2, Akanksha elucidated, “I was looking for such role since a long time. As makers narrated me about the character and story I immediately said yes”.

Sharing about her entire telly journey so far in a single sentence, she replied, “It has been a long fun-adventurous ride”.

When asked about her character Kanak and Akanksha in real life having any similarity, Akanksha says, “Yes Kanak and Akanksha both are strong headed and confident”.

When asked that in last year during quarantine, her favorite series she binge watched and enjoyed watching so far, Akanksha spilled, “I watched lots of them and liked as well. Few I got stuck to and finished religiously – Lucifer, 100 days, Aashram and Sacred Games”.

When questioned about her take on content backed films and roles are being offered to actors irrespective of their medium being TV or digital, Akanksha said, “Yes. I feel that content backed films and roles are being offered to actors irrespective of their medium being TV or digital”.

Finally, when asked about now being a new era of content backed strong films and series on digital tube, on this, Akanksha concluded the interview and signed off by telling, “Yes it is, as the world is changing so the audience and so is their choice of entertainment and so should the content we provide them”.

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