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Akanksha Dismisses Rumors Of Insecurity From Devoleena And Rupal

Young TV Actress Akanksha Juneja dismisses the ongoing fake rumors of her feeling insecure from Devoleena and Rupal.

Young TV actress Akanksha Juneja came into the limelight a few days ago where everywhere there were speculative media reports floating in the gossip mills of her being insecure from senior TV actresses and co-stars Devoleena and Rupal but now she has come clean where Akanksha dismisses rumors of insecurity from Devoleena and Rupal.

But now in a shocking move, coming forward, we will be seeing how Akanksha dismisses rumors of insecurity from Devoleena and Rupal.

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Since past so many day the media was filled with rumors of the fact that she was feeling insecure from the senior TV actresses on the shooting sets of Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 that is currently airing on Star Plus which is a sequel of the super hit TV show Saath Nibhaana Saathiya (Star Plus 2010 – 2017) where from the first episode on 19th October itself the ardent fans, the netizens and audiences have been showering unconditional love on the bonding of Kokila and Gopi. Also Kokila and Gopi are the most important and main leading characters of the show and it is because of them that the show is an evergreen classic TV show even today.

During her recent interview with a leading Indian television news portal, when asked about the ongoing rumors, rubbishing the fake news Akanksha said, “This is funny. When you shoot with co-stars discussions and disagreements happen but that doesn’t mean you are insecure about someone or throwing tantrums. And whatever is been written is absolutely not true. Three-four days back we were doing a scene where she (Rupal Patel) says something to me and I had to reply to her back being in my character. So we were discussing that, should I answer her in a louder tone, should I go with a poker face or should I go with the sarcasm and the smile. To uspe hamara discussion chal raha tha kyunki hame dheere dheere vo tension built up karna hai ham dono ke beech in the show. And we were rehearsing the lines (laughs). Nothing has happened between us this is all bullshit”.

Akanksha is definitely shooting for the show on the sets as of now currently and explaining about the same she said, “I am very much shooting for the show. In fact today also I had a scene with Koki Mam. We were sitting and chit-chatting about a lot of things”.

She got very angry and furious on this fake news and is not at all insecure or feeling sidelined by her co-stars along with being very fortunate and blessed enough to shoot with them, she told, “I feel so blessed that I have them with us. Saathiya is them they are the ones who made that show so successful. And they are here to guide us that what people like or don’t like. I feel blessed that they are with us”.

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