Ajay-Atul Narrates Fun Personal Moments On The Kapil Sharma Show

Renowned music director duo Ajay-Atul narrated their musical journey on The Kapil Sharma Show last weekend.

Versatile music directors-composers Ajay-Atul was welcomed as guests on last week’s episode of The Kapil Sharma Show. The duo who is known for their evolved compositions and chartbusters enjoyed the rib-tickling comedy and narrated fun personal moments with Kapil.

During one such conversation, Kapil asked the duo when did they realise that they wanted to become music directors and how did it all start. Ajay shared, “Since childhood, we had a keen inclination towards music. When we used to listen to Lakshmikant Pyaarelal ji, we used to find it very interesting and feel that we to should learn this. In fact in school, we used to compose tunes for the poems without knowing that this is what composing means. We used to get kids in our school to sing these poems, and we dint know that this is music direction.”

Atul further added, “We had a lot of misconceptions about music direction. For example, we used to think that if you have to become a music director, you need to own all the music instruments; all the musicians stay in one building and everything happens together in that building from rehearsals to other things.”

When Ajay mentioned that they also thought a music director should know how to play all the musical instruments, Atul continued, “And that’s how we learnt to play all the musical instruments. And we dint have any music instruments… so humlog jitne instruments hain, uski awaaz muh se nikalte the. Initially we never even had a harmonium. So whenever we got work, and we had to present the song to them, toh ye (atul) gaana bolta tha aur mai uske peeche ka jo rhythm hai, uska (instruments) feel dene ke liye muh se hi bolte tha. Because of this we never felt that apne paas harmonium nahi hai…. Kisi cheez ki apne paas kami hai, aisa kabhi laga hi nahi.”

Touched by this, Kapil added, “Waah… ye passion hai!”