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Aishwarya Sharma Breaks Silence On Hate Messages For Her Role In GHKPM

Aishwarya Sharma took to her Instagram story and responded to the people who post hateful comments about her.

Television actress Aishwarya Sharma is subjected to hatred and online trolling for her role of Pakhi in the Star Plus show ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’. The viewers of the show often leave hateful comments on her social media profile. This is because her character has turned a little grey due to her incomplete love story with Virat Chavan (played by Neil Bhatt).

Aishwarya has now given a befitting reply to the haters. She wrote in her Instagram story, “I thought Pakhi is the only ‘fictional character’ who can’t move on, here are so many real life characters who are commenting on our personal life, accounts, posts and arguing for what!! reel and real life? We actors are keeping our calm, we always stick together and people are fighting for what?? Is this really worth it?? You all are abusing each other, your parents, your family, spreading negativity making social media toxic day by day and for what?”

Requesting people to stop fighting over on-screen characters, Aishwarya further wrote, “Do you guys see us fighting ever, have you heard any kinda rumours? Then why are you all fighting? It’s a humble request, please make peace guys, time is so precious, every single second is so important. Please don’t waste it. I hope you all do good in your life. I really pray.”

Source: Aishwarya Sharma Instagram

While Virat and Pakhi’s love story (Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma) couldn’t move forward on screen, the duo is getting married in real life. The actors started dating on the sets of GHKPM in October 2020. They made the relationship official in Jan 2021 with an intimate Roka ceremony and now their wedding preparations have already begun. It is reported that they will get married on Nov 30 in Ujjain, followed by a reception in Mumbai for their colleagues and industry friends.

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