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After Success Of Panchayat 2, TVF Pitchers Season 2 To Happen Soon?

After 7 years of wait, is TVF Pitchers Season 2 happening soon?

If there’s one thing TVF has done wrong in all these years, it is their inability to roll out the second season of TVF Pitchers. The 5-episodic series developed by TVF (The Viral Fever) took the internet by storm back in 2015. Not only did we become eternal fans of the production and actors, but also learned what our Indian entertainment sector is capable of! 7 years ago, this mini-series combined with Modi Ji’s Atmanirbhar Yojna inspired lakhs of youth to take up entrepreneurship. We, as fans, have been left on a cliffhanger for quite a long time now. The fact is, neither are we over Pitchers, nor the makers of the series. And seems like the wait will soon be over. TVF Pitchers Season 2 might be happening soon.

After Panchayat season 2, fans have once again fallen in love with Jitendra Kumar’s acting. “I am his fan since TVF Pitchers,” fans have been dropping such comments on the Internet.

Recently, TVF’s social media team also posted about Pitchers. On May 17, they shared a still from the show featuring the four leading actors and wrote, “POV: You’re sitting here, tell us the idea you’re gonna pitch.”

The replies to this post are just what you are thinking too!

A user wrote, “Would pitch them the idea of pitchers 2.”

Another mentioned, “Yea …..I’m thinking about making pitchers 2 myself.”

Now when we know that the excitement for TVF Pitchers season 2 hasn’t died down even a bit, let’s know what the makers are planning.

TVF has not dissed the idea of the second season of the show. In fact, just when the fans lose hope, they tease the fans on social media.

“@TheViralFever teased Pitchers Season 2 for nth time… It should be illegal to play with my feelings like this,” a fan once pleaded.

Last year, Zee5 announced a partnership with TVF to stream their iconic shows ad their upcoming seasons. It was reported, “The Viral Fever (TVF) originals and upcoming seasons of its popular titles like Pitchers, Tripling, Humorously Yours, Engineering Girls and The Aam Aadmi Family will stream on ZEE5 as part of a partnership.”

TVF has been tight-lipped about Pitchers season 2. But they have time and again given the impression that the second season is under development. The expectations are high, not just of the audience, but also of themselves. After delivering a benchmark 1st season and changing the entertainment game in India, the pressure is high.

Sooner or later, TVF Pitchers Season 2 will happen. The gang is yet to get their seed fund. Naveen’s love life will also go through a test of time.

TVF Pitchers was developed by Arunabh Kumar and written by Biswapati Sarkar. The show features Naveen Kasturia, Arunabh Kumar, Jitendra Kumar and Abhay Mahajan.

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