Paras Chabra Says “It’s Hard To Move On” After The Breakup With Mahira Sharma

Paras Chabra and Mahira Sharma's breakup shocked their fans. Now, after some days, the duo shared a post that grabbed the attention of everyone.

Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma were one of everyone’s favourite showbiz couples from Bigg Boss 13. However, since the news of their breakup has come to light, their fans are unhappy. Everyone was shocked when Mahira unfollowed Paras from her Instagram account and even deleted all the pictures of the two of them together. And Paras is also surprised—why did he do this. Now that it has been confirmed that both of them have parted ways, Paras said in a media interview that they had not been in the same place since the beginning of the relationship.

Ever since they broke up, both have remained in the headlines, and netizens are paying attention to their every action like eagle eyes. Mahira recently shared a post on her Instagram handle, posing in front of the sun, and captioned it, “Some people are lessons to be learned by heart.” Netizens reacted quickly and supported the actress in the comments section.

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After a few hours of Mahira’s post, Paras also took to his Instagram story and shared a quote that read; “Sometimes it’s very hard to move on, but once you move on, you’ll realise it was the best decision you’ve ever made.”

He also shared another story, “Forgiving people in silence and never speaking to them again is a form of self-care.” Well, both have not shared the reason for their breakup, but it is probably very difficult for both of them to move on.

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